[1.0.1] Delta Junction Airport - D66, Alaska | Slightly Delayed Simulations

Delta Junction is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator! - €8.90

Nestled in the heart of Alaska, the Delta Junction Airport sports a 2,500ft gravel runway, servicing the general aviation needs of the city of Delta Junction. Sitting at 1,150ft, charter flights are also available via 40-Mile Air. The airport is 72 nautical miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska and is within 27 nautical miles of the Alaskan Mountain Range.


  • Delta Junction Airport (but of course!)
  • Custom 4k PBR materials for grass, gravel and the nearby roads near the airport
  • Over 85 custom objects placed in the surrounding area
  • Over 50 miles of the Delta River fixed (with more to come)
  • Over 50 different signs and powerlines across the roads
  • Forestry helipads with custom buildings
  • A custom rendition of the Delta State Recreation Site
  • Fencing and dugouts at the nearby community park
  • Hundreds of terrain, water, elevation and vegetation fixes
  • Basic night lighting has been added
  • One vehicle bridge towards the nearby Allen Army airfield has been added
  • The runway has been upgraded to have dim runway lights to combat with difficulties of visibility during snowy weather

Delta Junction is currently available through Simmarket!

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Delta Junction V1.0.1 Update:

  • Added LODs to several buildings, hypothetically improving performance significantly
  • Fixed texture on Rapid Air shed
  • Fixed size of telephone/electrical poles to be more accurate

Small but likely necessary update. Next up: Regional Landmarks and more!