- Another bitterly disappointing update. Nothing that I've reported has been fixed. New Bugs Introduced

Why do people still believe that? It is wrong. Here is a great thread that explains in detail what is new and what isn’t: MSFS - High Level Overview of MSFS2020 Tech | FSDeveloper

The graphics engine may be built from scratch, but that is one of the things most people seem to be extremely happy with, me included. Some of the terrain stuff is entirely new, and while it is mainly great it has some very serious teething troubles, terrain spikes being the most glaringly obvious one. Sound is all new, and is absolutely amazing and in my opinion the biggest success of this sim.

But huge parts of the sim remain from FSX and beyond. Most scenery stuff (other than terrain), most offline AI traffic stuff, the flight model is a new way of computing behavior based on mostly legacy format data. Furthermore, the legacy code was available for Asobo to build upon.

Reading threads like this one (and man have there been plenty!) it seems one of the biggest disconnects is between people thinking “the sim is all new, have some patience, in a couple years they will have it right” and those thinking “this is just one more generation of the MSFS franchise, why is quality so much lower than the previous three or four generations of MSFS”.

That is an excellent point. That is the advantage, and disadvantage, of adding such dependencies. All in all, I am sure adding those dependencies is ultimately a good thing.

But it is still Microsoft who decide whether the quality is good enough to release a new update. Whether the problem is due to Asobo, Bing, Meteoblue, Azure, Navblue, someone in the ecosystem I am forgetting about, someone in the ecosystem I don’t even know about – it is still Microsoft’s product.


There is a Mod for TBM and a Mod for Garmin 3000 that will give you a much better experience with the aircraft.

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The TBM mood has been abandoned unfortunately. It’s ok and fixes a few of the big problems, but the core TBM is still pretty broken, as is turboprop logic. It’s on the roadmap to be fixed, but as always, I’m skeptical until I see results.

Dear OP,

I don’t know why some people are being so hard on you. You are absolutely right in demanding this and being frustrated. I too am downloading the full game third time, because I did not turn on my PC for 2 months and now it wont download 03 updates simultaneously correctly.

I have multiple titles to play at the moment, and my friends tell me to do so. I can see how you feel when someone tells you to use another plane for flying in game.


I also reported bug. It was marked at solved, but never fixed.

I believe Asobo has put a lot of effort for the VR and therefore didn’t have so much time to fix everything else. I would have wanted it to go other way, but that`s what most of the customers voted for: VR rather than fixes.

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Thinking I’d missed something when I purchased MSFS, I went back to reread the product description. With so many users defending it, there certainly must have been some marketing information that proclaimed MSFS incomplete and sometimes inoperable. But no, I found no such caveat, only language suggesting what the product can do. When I paid for MSFS, I had every reasonable expectation to believe the product would function as advertised. I was most decidedly not forking over money for a product that might perform as advertised months or years from now – that would be like buying toothpaste, squeezing it, and being happy when the paste came out several days later.

To you apologists for all things MSFS, let me pose an example: if you plunked down $59 for an electric toaster that didn’t toast your bread to the manner described on the packaging, would you get on the World Toaster Forum and proclaim love for the product? Doubtful, unless you’re a certified punching bag for predatory capitalism.

As consumers, we too often allow software developers leeway we wouldn’t give to other kinds of product marketeers. As in the case of MSFS many buyers have paid for the privilege of acting as product testers. I’m pleased so many of you are content to pay for that work – not me!

When I purchased MSFS I expected at minimum working core functionality because that’s how the product is advertised. Those of you making continual excuses for the sim’s problems are doing yourselves and every other consumer a disservice.


If MSFS would be as complex as a toaster I might agree somewhat, but I don’t think that this is the case.

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Automobiles are complex. If Cruise Control was a wanted feature on your new car, but it only worked sometimes or shut down frequently, would you make excuses? Doubtful.

Fact is, complexity of the product isn’t even remotely the issue. Microsoft markets product features that often don’t work or work inconsistently and to varying degrees. No matter how you cut it, it’s false advertising. Period.

Until commercial software products are held to the same standards as all other products, we’ll be stuck with shoddy performance. Quit letting these guys get away with it.


20+ planes, entire planet and world weather simulated but the sim sucks because the timer in one cockput is not working. LOL.

I recommend not buying $60 games and instead put the money towards real flying lessons. The expectations are totally unrealistic and you are going to be unhappy for a long time if you are waiting for msfs to reach the level some are expecting here. There will always be bugs. There will always be flaws.


What is needed is user acceptance testing before release of each update. The beta team that will be set up according to the development plan including both third party developers and users that will get the opportunity to test the game should help catch the more obvious issues that don’t come up when developers are testing their own work. I know from experience that when you are focused on fixing “your” issue sometimes things slip by you that others will spot right away. Some of the issues that have been reported such as those specific to starting from cold and dark but do not appear when starting with engines running on the runway would most likely be spotted by a properly constructed beta team.

Would this work if you have set a fixed release date for each sim update? I don’t know. But personally I would rather have a tested release than one set for a specific date in what ever state it will be when that day comes.

This is a troll post. No one would be upset about cabin lighting and volts not being perfect. Good job! 10/10.


Not sure why you would leave FSX for XP11 in the first place

I have done my usual post “update” test circuits in the Baron, and discovered "lo and behold " the localiser tracking has been improved…somewhat.
It worked on three successive approaches, even with a light crosswind, and failed spectacularly on the fourth.
Many of us have complained about aircraft shutdown being interrupted by a logbook popup screen which could be reliably bypassed by stopping the aircraft at a parking spot away from the marshal/pushback truck.(also unwanted by me)
This is no longer the case, and the unwanted popup screen is now a mishmash of logbook,main menu,continue,restart.
I too am done with this “Sim” for now…I’m fed up with the frustration.
No more bug chasing,reports and posts from me.
I will reintstall FSX on my shiny new, super dooper PC ,bought especially for FS2020, and go back to a Sim that works.

I too am with the op 100%. And also I see nothing wrong in any of the flagged posts either except maybe a better metaphor than cancer would be more appropriate but I share your sentiment 100%.
Thank you.

Go and grab the Working Title G3000 mod. At least you will get your hectopascals.

I’m pretty frustrated just as most here, but the OP does mention a lot about the TBM. They haven’t even released nor started working on fixing engine logic yet. This sim is evolving and still being developed. Granted it does show that Asobo didn’t reach out and do any research to see what that was released was “accurate”. No denying that.

I know the emotions are high, but patience will help them right the wrong. There are much more worse game developers out there. Some that develop at a much slower pace, some that just abandon their work or decide, “I’m done with this”.

If a bug wasn’t listed as fixed, it probably isn’t fixed. None of these bugs were likely listed as fixed (the list of fixes is long tho and I haven’t read the whole change log so correct me if I’m wrong).

They did however fix a huge amount of other bugs, and will definitely get around to this one eventually! This is a brand new sim that will take time to mature.

This update was actually one of the best, it fixed tons of things, added VR and only introduced a few terrain bugs (probably due to updated terrain meshes or smth).

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So fly the airbus, that works. Until they fix your issue, play GTA flight simulator.