( just downloaded again?

yup…alot of bugs fixed :slight_smile:

They’ve just not updated the patch notes which are the same ones from

It’s an AIRAC data update


Same here. It’s downloading the last 25GB patch all over again on top of the 1GB of nav data.

And not even breaking 100Mbit downloading it despite my rock solid 1Gbit pipe.

Quite! Absolutely staggering that a professional company releases a large update and forgets to change the release notes. It just smacks of a lack of care again.


Can we confirm if it is actually an update?
For example new functionally/ bug fixes or is it a mistake that pushes out the same okd update as before?

It’s not. It’s just nav data. The extra 25 GB is last month’s patch being downloaded again. This exact thing happened last month with the last nav data update. It got the nav data, then forced us to download the previous patch over again.

Here’s the confirmation:

I lost the A320 and B787 from my hangar with this update.

It was just an AIRAC update

Ok well that’s disappointing…

Fixed, restarting the Sim showed them again.

Man, I’m too scared to download this update. It seems people are downloading the entire 25gig update. Maybe they’ll sort this out soon and I should hold on?

It’s lunch hour during work from home…all I wanted to do was a quick scenic flight before I return back to work. aw.

Yes, better do that indeed.

Mine did 1GB, now doing another 26GB.

Asobo are obviously unaware of how broken their updater is. I started an issue vote. How about we go vote it up and show them.


just install it

Only the one gig. is downloading. I never touched any of the offical data in onestore. That coud be areason for the small Update

Sameas last AIRAC update. I’m assuming it’s because they don’t change the version number for the AIRAC updates

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Unless you’ve already completed the update and are in sim already, just wait for it. It’s coming.

Have Asobo never heard of an addendum? A simple note added to the end of the release note with a date so we know what is happening is all it takes.


Obviously not!

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