doesn't install

Doesn’t work for me (Steam user). Never had any issues but just fired up the sim, it said is available, and it’s stuck on the downloading screen…goes between downloading then trying to decompress fs-base and goes around and around. So basically have to leave it, close it down and try again and hope for the best, or what…?

Oh, brilliant :frowning_face:

Stopped and started it again, and now I’m facing a near-35GB update (i.e. starting over).

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I had similar issues.

The best thing that worked for me was to use Netlimiter to throttle the bandwidth of the install program. It helped the install get through the downloads. Set the download to half the speed of what you normally see the program do (e.g. if you see 30-40 Mbps, set it to 15-20).

Hope it works…

Same with me! Exact the same. Let’s see how far it gets, otherwise I will try one of the solutions presented here: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016844080?input_string=retrying+pc-fc-base-bigfiles-0.1.129.fspatch+download+0-2%%2C+upgrading+on+release+

Cheers will bear those in mind. Will see what I am left with once this 35GB (probably a part-reinstall) update completes or whether I have to blow it all away and start over. Not too happy about this, but I suppose there are bigger problems in the world :slight_smile:

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