Stutters again!

So just did a flight Edinburgh to Frankfurt. On nearing Frankfurt the sim froze twice. Once for at least 10-15 seconds. Also still noticable stutters despite reducing settings. None of which I was getting before this hotfix.

Lets face it unless they slow down on the updates and thoroughly test stuff with closed betas across a variety of systems, then consumer faith and confedence will take a nose dive and I would hate to see that happen as this is a great sim in the making.

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I can confirm this description. The one second stutter seems linked in some way with the display of the name/distance of a friend because he was the only one whose plate was blinking at the rate of the stutter. The other planes weren’t blinking.

edit: it is now known that the cause is some player flying the same plane as you, having a livery that you don’t have. As long as you are both in the same server, you will suffer from the stutter. So right now, restrain from using liveries that aren’t standard (aka coming with the original game), else you may provoke stutters in other players’ games.

Maybe this all is relates to one of the last win10 updates.
KB5001330 seems to cause many problems with v-sync in games.

I uninstalled this last update today - don´t know if that was a good idea as it surely also corrects many other things. But a trip around Paris with many other multiplayers was smooth as before.

I got stuttering too since the last update

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MY version is but the store is blurry. How do you update the store? I also got bumps on KMSP runway.

For me stutter is something new with version I made a video, because not all stutter may look the same and/or has the same reason. See https://youtu.be/c-Oyj9yMpMk

If I switch Photogrammetry on, I get more stutter. This makes me believe that the problem is in the communication between my computer and the Microsoft server computers.

Just flying from Heathrow and severe stuttering at the airport. Turned off multiplayer then very smooth. Am now mid flight and have turned on V sync and multiplayer back on and again very smooth ( but not much traffic over Milton Keynes). Seems only at airports for me. I wonder if v sync will prevent stutter at Edinburgh ? Will know in about 30 minutes.

Multiplayer causes terrible lagging for me now as well.

Just had perfect landing at Edinburgh, no stutter, ultra settings, multiplayer on ( no other traffic though !), v sync on. Think Heathrow and Gatwick are the real test.

Yep I decided to turn off multiplayer and boom…

smooth as butter
no pauses no stutter

drops mic:rofl:

Well, I disagree a little. My experience: More “Data Connection” gives you more stutter IF the Microsoft servers have heavy load. That is YOUR computer setting is only part of the problem, the load on the Microsoft servers is the other part of the problem. And maybe the link between both, your internet connection, is part of the problem, too.
Having three parts that determine if you have stutter or not explains hopefully the very different experiences posted here.

Please make the test: run MSFS 2020 at a time you think that not many people are using the Microsoft servers. My “good” time is morning, that is say 10:00 UTC. My “bad” time is afternoon/evening, that is say 20:00 UTC.

Went back to Heathrow and stutter returned and the got worse the more traffic I could see in view. Say two other players not too bad, 7 other players then almost unplayable. V sync made no difference for me on or off.

Shame as was learning VATSIM and I am bad enough as it is! Looks like i am offline til it’s fixed.

Pretty much my experience as well; multplayer for whatever reason is causing the issue for me with the more players about the worse it gets. Heathrow and LAX at busy time is painful. Yes I will get the odd stutter as scenery loads here and there with it off, but just finishing a 2hr flight in the Piper down the West coast of Italy and it’s been absolutely trouble free.

My PC just motors along just fine doing it’s own thing, other multiplayer games don’t have issues and my net connection is very reliable so who knows. Hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of it :man_shrugging:

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Yup same issues approaching London…It ran great heading from Shoreham to London and then as soon as those player tags started loading in the distance towards London major lag and stutter occurred. As I approached downtown London it became unplayable.
Huge jerky stutters! It really turned me off from flying around London again.

Now I have planes everywhere and no stutter at Heathrow with multiplayer on. So maybe server load as you say or my internet speed?

Oh no severe stutter again.

I agree, my flight to Scotland was fantastic on ultra settings, I could see the blades of 50 or so wind turbines, turning perfectly, the sun was setting and an aircraft taking off below. I could almost smell the haggis!

Next minute I am at Heathrow with half a dozen aircraft and it’s like 1980,s space invaders.


I have a high end computer that has provided a very smooth experience up until my last flight. I thought I was immune to the “stutter fest” that is plaguing the community at present.

I joined Shane (Aussie Flight Simmer) on his France tour last night and for about 70% of the flight, everything was very smooth.

Shane had to fly off-line a number of times due to the performance issues. I was feeling good about how my computer was coping with the potential issues. Then I landed at the third last airport. I taxied OK and came to a stop than then it hit. THE SLIDE SHOW.

I couldn’t even pan around without huge pauses. I watched others approach and taxi around in slide show fashion. I decided to wait until they had all gone before attempting to take off. Once my performance returned, I taxied out and took off. There were still a couple of stragglers but the performance was smooth again.

It wasn’t until I approached the next airport that the stutters returned. I didn’t even bother to attempt a landing as it was generally a slide show. I even considered pulling the plug for the night. Once I passed the airport, performance improved and returned to normal.

I don’t understand it. There might have been planes on the ground at the airport but I was flying with other aircraft also. I only had issues when near an airport. Fortunately, when I landed at the final airport my performance was OK and had no issues.

I run an event on Fridays - Aussie Flight Group. I hope this issue doesn’t present its self, otherwise I might wait until the issue is fixed before attempting to hold further events.

Surely this is hot fix worthy. Assuming they understand what is causing the issue.

As mentioned earlier in the post, I have a high end computer. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for lower spec’d computers.

Try to uninstall Windows update KB5001330 and try again please. For me it eleminate all stutters that come with the new update. Now all smooth incl. all multiplayer…

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If this is caused by a Microsoft update, surely they can instruct Asobo to build a hot fix to work with the parameters of the update.

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This doesn’t seem to be a “functionality” issue @PaulFalke . There is now a fair bit of evidence to show that multiplayer users flying non default liveries and or aircraft are causing a problem. if you are in proximity the sim is having an issue displaying them and it is causing processing delays. There have been a lot of users eliminate the problem by simply changing the multiplayer option to “OFF / Group ONLY”.