[] SU10 BETA Survey - Crashes

Please rate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the following statement - Crashes I’ve experienced in the previous build are now fixed:
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Prior to SU10 BETA, I was getting an occasional CTD when the sim is launching. The crash always occurred in the same place, when the blue ribbon hits the halfway point, there is an audible stutter in the sound. At this point the loading either continues or crashes. Crashes occurred probably 20% of the time.

During the first 2 SU10 BETA builds, the problem was fixed. It is now back however with

Still crashes when opting out of SU10 Beta and reverting to SU9 (Steam version)
Build 1.27.13 seens to get further along the install process than the previous build. Previous build used to crash at the “World update USA” splash screen, it now gets to “New Activities” then freezes.

With current live build and the previous SU10 beta build I had crashes on Xbox Series X when I loaded in in payware handcrafted airports, in particular EDDL by JustSim and EGCC by Macco. The CTDs occured usually a few seconds after clicking the Fly button. I tried it with all the default airliners (A320, B747, B787).

The current build did improve it by a little. I was able to configure the A320 on EDDL and began to taxi. When I was short before the turn from the taxiway into runway 23L I had again a CTD.

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The new beta 10 often causes the game to freeze or crash when approaching larger airports. The previous version, however, did not cause a single crash!

Didn’t take me long to get an Hjet CTD on Xbox Series X.
Landing flare at LIPZ R22L.
Just before landing all electronic flight systems failed then rebooted - and one momentary stutter (big one) at same time.
Systems rebooted aircraft landed and on rollout there was another freeze, systems powered down but this time the sound crackled, screen went black and CTD.

Reported through the Xbox Report a Problem app as I think this is part of the ongoing CTD issues rather than a new bug introduced by this beta

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I’m getting more variation of different type of crashes now (XBOX X)

More crashes at boot.
Crashes after Xbox goes Idle.
Crashes just sitting on the runway after a few minutes (even default aircraft)
Crashes sitting at menu screen.

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I’m using Xbox Series X. Upon my first attempt to launch the sim after the update, it CTD just as the loading process was finishing (i.e. just before the main menu). This is happening every time I attempt to launch the sim unless I do a full shutdown of the Xbox. This was not happening prior to this update of SU10.

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I had the same on first launch, crashed when on the “New activities” screen when loading. 2 other launches since have been ok and ran a couple of short flights.
Xbox S , no added content installed.

Well I’ve had an opportunity to test the third BETA for a few hours now and stability for me is a lot worse. As I mentioned, in SU9 I was getting CTDs only about 20% of the time during loading. During SU10 BETA 1 and BETA 2, CTDs were gone. In BETA 3, I have seen a dramatic increase in CTDs during loading though; CTD approximately 40% of the time now.

BTW, testing is done on vanilla BETA builds with default aircraft. Nothing in community folder.

I really do hope this gets sorted for the final SU10 release. I know the team is working hard to please everyone and put out the best possible product.

A side note: BETA 1 was really something special. All around performance including stability, smoothness and frames was amazing. I was even able to use DX12 with Ultra/High settings. BETA 2 was a slight decline in performance as there was periodic stutters and terrain pop in. DX12 was still usable though and stability was good too. BETA 3 however, has not been a good experience for me thus far. Most importantly, stability is worse with frequent CTDs. Performance wise in BETA 3, DX12 has constant stutters. DX11 is a little better, but not much. I’m really dumbing down my settings to try to get a smooth performance, when I can get the sim to load, but it’s not practical to have to turn PC specs into Xbox specs to get acceptable performance.

Since all of the SU10 versions, I haven’t had a crash yet. (PC-Steam)
I’ve been doing flights that consist of 18-25 hours. So far so good.

Xbox series x
Dolby vision

The latest build seems to run well.
Photogrammetry no longer has a detrimental impact on the framerate, either in the mountains, cities or over water.

The quality of the photogrammetry is hit and miss though, especially up close.

Still getting crashes, especially if using quick resume. This would be a TCR/TRC issue so hopefully it will be addressed.
Load times for a fresh boot are also really long, especially compared to other games. I noticed it now hangs more on the initial splash screen, but everything after loads quicker.

This might be a silly question, and Xbox specific, but seeing as CTDs are seemingly only an issue for this game, and have been prevalent for a long time now, would these regular failures of the game to run within the parameters of the consoles performance have a cumulative detrimental effect on the console?


came on today and CTD while loading into an airport. Could not get game to boot afterwards, tried dozen times and it eventually booted.

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Very few CTD during SU9 and 10 Beta 1 and 2. Beta 3 crashes all the time during the loading screen. On latest NVidia Drivers and comunity folder is empty.

Prior i had almost no CTDs. After the update i have constant CTDs while loading into an airport.

“Fault Description”: “A shader instruction caused an MMU fault when accessing memory.\nThis can be cause by a shader bug, shader microcode corruption, shader compiler bug, or binding setup issue.”,
“Fault Name”: “MMU Fault Error”,
“Shader GPU Address”: “compute_01 @ 0x00000210”,
“Shader mapping”: null

My crash is always at the same exact spot in the loading screen. I wish there was a way to know exactly what is happening/being loaded at that moment.

Not sure why but I made it to the menu quickly changed it back to TAA then quit game before it crashed. Then restarted and no more crashes now even after switching back to DLSS.

None of the options reflects my experience.

Joined the beta in the second version, so the current one is the second I try.

Didn´t have any stability issues with either one. I have done 8, 3 hour flights with both the Fenix A320 and FBW A32NX, always to custom payware airports, and all flights were successful.

In that regard, the team has done a great job.

If they recover the performance we lost in the last beta, this can be a very good update.

Fingers crossed.

That is totally different for me (Xbox): the only way to get no CTDs is to not use any “bespoke” and 3rd party airport. I can use every plane incl. the 3rd party ones but only if I start and land on “regular” airports.