[] SU10 BETA Survey - Marketplace content

If you have existing official marketplace content installed on your PC, was everything correctly detected and loaded?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t have any Marketplace content

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For any bug report, use the Paid Marketplace content section

What am I supposed to do as Xbox user?

If you have add-ons you purchased from the marketplace (planes, airports, etc), test them out to see if they work.

If you don’t have any marketplace add-ons, then you don’t do anything in this thread.

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I have to say no, because i’m on Xbox and this is about PC only

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No. You can buy marketplace items in Xbox too. About 80% of what’s available for PC is available for Xbox. If you happen to have nothing, then sure, that’s your perogative to play vanilla. But this is not for PC only.

I mean in the topic it only refers to PC.
I have add-ons in the Xbox and not all of them load correctly.

I suspect this question was worded incorrectly.