[] SU10 BETA Survey - Performance

Please rate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the following statement - Performance is better compared to the current Live version:
  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Unable to judge
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

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Beautiful job fixing the performance issues introduced in the second beta.


I put disagree as was compared to current live version SU9.

DX11: Performance as smooth as last beta (at the very least, may be smoother). I am able to achieve a smooth 36FPS 1/4 V-Sync.
VRAM management is good.

DX12: Performance not good. VRAM still noticeably higher than DX11 and close to overload on my 8GB VRAM. Stutters

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Not seeing any performance improvement, nor they mentioned any in the release notes.


For me, DX11 is much better in this build. I got an increase of 15-20%. Haven’t tested DX12.

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That’s huge. Is that over SU9, or over SU10b2?

Can you maybe elaborate more on this numbers ? Like 15-20% better FPS ? Better main thread latency ?

level of performance of stability in DX12 it’s perfect no memory leak in any case DX11 yes much to gain in FPS except memory leak people cry of DX12 no increase of fps except it’s more stable kids. sorry english is not my language

First beta build, DX12 was perfect. Zero stutters - ZERO. Ever since that was “updated”, stutters are back. And “unable to judge” is not a good answer choice. I am able to judge, and performance is about the same as the current live build, but there’s no option to say that.


Well the second beta really ruined my performance on DX11, to the point where I couldn’t use the sim. It was always a slideshow on takeoff and landing. Now it’s back to normal, i.e SU9 performance. I still don’t think it’s as good as it was in the first beta but for my personal setup it’s much better than the second. 15-20% increase in fps. I’ve gone from barely getting 30 fps on the ground to 35-40 which makes a huge difference when rolling down the runway. A dip of 2-3 fps doesn’t bring me down to the mid 20’s as in the second beta.

Unfortunately the gains made in beta 1 (better frametimes and higher low% FPS) are still lost for me and the performance is now worse again, especially on DX12. More stutters, higher frametimes and lower FPS.

Just compare the frametimes of SU10B1 DX12 vs SU10B3 DX12, night and day difference.

SU10B1 = beta 1, SU10B3 = current beta version

Benchmarking scenario: taking off EDDF, clear sky, 12pm, rotate at 140knots, 15 degree climb, 75 seconds recording time.
(12700k no OC, 32GB@3600, 3080 10G)

(Tested DX12 SU10B3 twice to confirm bad results)


SUB2. The performance is still not as good as SUB1 imo.


“Unable to judge” is probably not a good choice. “About the same” would likely be a better poll option, as that’s what it sounds like they’re getting at considering the other options.


Performance is vastly better for me in this latest build. Stutters are gone and everything much smoother.


Wow its amazing to see how the poll votes so far are the complete opposite from the original poll…

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Did you ever try the first Beta?

DX11 (DX12 stutters, unplayable)
FPS down from 60 to 28


For me the performance was a lot better in the first beta: DX11 40 fps on the ground at JFK with my usual test settings without having to delete the photogrammetry cities objects in the content manager.

With this new build the fps is 32 and stutters and goes to the lower 20s when panning with the hit being in the mainthread. Deleting the photogrammetry cities has no effect now so that means I am stuck with that performance.


Lower settings or get more than 8GB then…

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The ground stutters and frame time spikes from SU9 are back. The sim is very stuttery on or close to the ground, and the dreaded frame time spike related to the position of the sun is back.

It’s a shame because SU10 Beta 1 was such a step up in smoothness and frametimes in DX12, it was almost unbelievable how smooth the sim was. They could have released it at that point and I would have been very happy. But the last 2 updates to the beta have reverted back to the same performance as SU9 with heavy stutters, for both DX11 and DX12. I was worried that trying to solve the Elden Trees bug (which I never personally experienced) would sacrifice performance, but they appear to have sacrificed performance without fixing anything.

I’ve never had a problem with raw framerates in any of the beta builds or even SU9, but for me ‘performance’ is how smooth the sim runs, which in this case is still very stuttery. I’ve done all the usual tricks: emptying community folder, restarting PC, deleting rolling cache, etc.

Nvidia 3090, Ryzen 5800X, 32GB RAM, Win10, 4K (w GSync).