[] SU13 Beta Survey - Performance (PC)

Please indicate your playability of the sim with the following statement - PC performance (frames per second) in this build is generally:
  • Great
  • Good
  • Acceptable
  • Poor
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Startup loading performance is terrible.


Totally agree. Loading time more than doubled.


In SU13 I experience the same FPS as with SU12 but with random long (half a second to 1 second) stutters. When rolling back to SU12 the stutters are way shorter and less frequent.


Seeing similar; had three driver timeouts today (AMD 23.7.2).

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FPS and stutters are both very much worse in the SU13 Beta, than before upgrading to the Beta. But only with DX 12. With DX 11 there is hardly any difference in fps or stutters, perhaps no difference at all compared to pre Beta.

Before the SU13 Beta, I always flew in DX12. After the SU13 Beta, I only can fly in DX11.

Ryzen 5 5600X cpu… 3070 gpu.


Loading times initally into the sim seems long like others have mentioned. Seeing 1 second or so stutters with DX12 with or without frame generation and with/without mods.

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Stutters are definitely back in DX12. Even with a 4090, Frame Gen = ON (TAA, not DLSS3) it stutters every 3-5+ seconds or so.

Asobo, please look into this! Reminds me of SU11 beta stutter issues.


The performance has reversed for me. I’m finding regular half second stutters and low FPS with DX12beta which is weird as I’ve always used it up until now. Coincidentally DX11 is way more stable and doesn’t give me a performance drop anymore when using popped out instruments. I7 9700k, 32gb Ram, RTX 3060 12gb.


Absolutely! I have the same strange stutter every 8-12 sec. Return back to the stable version and the stutter is gone. Very strange.

I’ve always participated in the betas since forever… and honestly I don’t know what they do… the version (official) was running smoother and smoother even with all the bugs that we need to be fixed. When I finished the MEGAinstallation of SU*), what was good was lost, even though I fulfilled several requirements that we obliged ourselves to update drivers, eliminate driver and game caches and even after so much evolution the scene built in this beta is intriguing to say the least. I won’t go into detail because I imagine it involves so many other particularities that it would be repetitive. Anyway, Asobo and especially WT, you guys need to pay attention to what you’ve been doing. This way you take care of these SUs, you can release MSFS 2024…2026 and still, we will continue to have the same annoyances.

Yes, SU13 beta generally broke the immersion of the simulation with the transitions between cameras on both the SIM and the aircraft a stuttering fest and the perennial problem of performance on the ground got even worse. It looks like some process is trying to steal the spotlight by competing all the time with resource consumption. For the week ahead I want it to be “two steps forward” and not one step back.

Right now I’m leaving the BETA because it’s impractical.

I apologize for the outburst.

Fly safe! :wink: :vulcan_salute:t2:


I am very much with you! The backwards steps in beta make it feel like I am doing QA on an early Alpha… but I also will end the rant here. Hopefully the next update of the Beta (and eventual release) will iron these performance issues out.

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What I noticed is that sometimes, only occasionally, something seems to stress the CPU a lot. I have a 7800x3d and it is then constant at its thermal limit of 90°C. FPS are severely impacted. After a restart of the sim everything is back to normal, CPU sits at around 70°C in flight consuming about 50 W.

There seem to be a process in MSFS that goes wild every now and then.

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that’s what I’m talking about… I just haven’t figured it out yet. I’m a Steam user.

Performance has degraded noticeably.

Experiencing lower overall frame rate and a lot of stuttering in compared to the current public release. I’ve ruled out add-one as being the cause by running in safe mode with only vanilla content. Still the overall frame rate is lower, lots of microstutters, and the occasional complete pause of the sim for a second every few minutes.


If we are all honest, this is not unusual and more common than not. Each ‘update’ has broken, degraded or switched something while fixing something that hardly anyone even complained about.

I don’t know why y’all are surprised that this one is doing it too.


Also have that second freeze regularly.

Cannot reproduce - i9 13900K :wink:
All good.

I don’t think anyone in this thread is surprised really. Everyone here is just reporting their observations so far - significantly longer load times (by up to 100%), lower overall performance, and a bunch of stutters and pauses that aren’t there in the public release.

I think the only thing that surprises me is that one or all of these issues seems to be affecting everyone, and no one caught this before pushing this build out the door.


i have some stutters on beta su13 I did not see this with su12.