[] SU13 Beta Survey - Stability (Xbox)

Please indicate your playability of the sim with the following statement - Xbox stability in this build is generally:
  • Better than the current public retail build
  • About the same as the current public retail build
  • Worse than the current public retail build
  • Unable to tell
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XSX - Just downloaded the SU13 Beta Update 3.8GB, but currently the Sim is offline

Stability? Su10 to su13 = black avonincs.

No point in avonincs upgrades when they go black. :thinking:

I will start being more helpful with the betas when I can actually keep my avonincs on.

To me the updates are just adding fuel to the fire on xbox


Does anybody has performanc problems with the 787 and 747 (laggy in cockpit view). ( xbox series x)


Yeah, it’s not like it’s a small drop either, once my flightplan is loaded and i’m airborne, it’s almost like watching a slideshow


Yeah and it will lead to avonincs to go black. Also my last attempt using the 747 avonincs went black then came back on and deleted my flight plan

The Performance especially of the 747 and to a lesser extend of the 787 are terrible on Xbox X since aau2. The frame rate goes really down on landing with the 747, during bad weather and night it is even more obvious, but also in general flight and when looking around the cockpit.
What I also notice is that the hole sim is running slower when flying boeing aircraft compared to the airbus (asobo and lvfr). There is a hole discussion about it in the bug Reports, but it is still only feedback logged.
You can lose on a 6 hour long haul between 30-50 Minutes of time due to the slower frame rate and performance on a 747 and 787.
It was not good before aau2, it got really worse with aau2, and it is not better in this beta. We need better optimization for the 747 and 787for Xbox in terms of performance.
I also had with default airports, live traffic off black screens with the 787 on landing sometimes.


The 787 and 747 have jumped ahead in terms of operation and experience but I agree with the previous post that the planes perform badly in terms of FPS and framerate stability (this has not changed since AAU2).

I’ve tried a couple (Just Flight BAE146 & PMDG 737) of different airliners in as well as the 747 and 787 planes and the Working Title planes are notably the worst in terms of general FPS. Also, it is notable that when taxiing there is an inconsistency in plane movement - it is minor but noticeable slowing and speeding up and is consistent across airports.

Don’t get me wrong - I love the WT changes (Simbrief++) I’d just like it to work more smoothly… :+1:


Are you on PC, asking because you mentioned Nvidia drivers? In that case you posted in the wrong survey, this is about xbox.

Ups. You are right. Thank you and sorry.

That the pmdg have better Performance as the by far less complex asobo boeings with WT avionics tells me that it must be technical possible to get the 747 and 787 in a better Performance state on xbox.


Yes - worse performance than before the AAU roll out, can’t land either of them properly as the frames freeze then unfreeze and you slam into the tarmac.
Have sent support ticket and was told it will be added to the bug fix log.

+1 on FPS issues, not flyable in current state
Also experiencing extremely uncontrollable landings in the 787, sliding on ice feeling, pulling left into the grass. This happens no matter what the autobrake setting is set to and with auto rudder on. Anyone else noticing this? Impossible to hold centerline controllably on landing. No issues with other planes.

Having issues with latest update on xbox series x after latest update. Losing avionics screens where i had no problems before on the TBM 930 even after starting fresh msfs2020. Also some stuttering as well. Definitely a step backwards after latest update on the 25th

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Just spent 40mins setting up pmdg 737 on ground entering in flight plan etc. Taxi boom black screens. Loving life… pulled the plug go outside, Deep breath and calm

I’ve rolled back to SU12 as the beta SU13 is still not stable.
I don’t think Asobo/MS are doing anything about the black avionic screen issue, they seem to be ignoring the issue and blaming end users for having add-ons.
Putting the sim back to a vanilla state isn’t the answer.
They’re blaming a memory issue - except we can’t expand memory on the Xbox, so what are we meant to do?

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Black screens are much worse with pmdg 737 and other aircraft. I think the performance updates are mainly for pc. Xbox left out to dry with this issue. Very angry with money spent and with every update it’s getting worse no communication nothing from you guys on this issue. Appreciate the avonincs updates but what’s the point if they switch off and now it’s happening to the stable add-ons.
It’s got to the point where I’m happy if asobo decrease the lod it’s better than not playing at all or wasting my money and time with flight planning

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My LOD has already been reduced to rubbish, is yours not? This is Chicago taking off from 04R at Midway. Maybe that’s why I don’t have black screens.

Yeah lod isn’t great how it is I see that.I have a lot of add-ons installed but for me the black screens are much worse with current beta.

That’s the question, what are we meant to do…?
and you are right, the answer is not vanilla sim

still having black screens, still having problems with performance on 3rd party airports even with the new beta version

i hope there will be a next version with improvements especially for Xbox…

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