[] SU14 Beta Survey - Performance (PC)

Please indicate your playability of the sim with the following statement - PC performance (frames per second) in this build is generally:
  • Great
  • Good
  • Acceptable
  • Poor
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Still experiencing very occasional but long hard freezes, I’ve opened a bug report. My fear is that this will be a regression that will stick to the final release, as we often had in many of the sim updates. If the issue has any correlation to additional debugging telemetry info being sent, underlaying changes etc, or if there is any further way to analyze those freezes it would be important to share that with the community to make the beta efforts worthy.


Still seeing lower fps across the board, 10-15 fps less than what SU13 had gained. Its inconsistent though, as sometimes there doesn’t seem to be the same drop in performance.


With this update, I have significantly less fps than version or lower. Before, I had 35-45 fps and now 25-35 fps. I have tested it on two different days.

MSFS2020 (Steam) with all 15 world updates but no additional (community) content.
DX12 / 1440p Ultra / DLSS Quality / Live data but no multiplayer / Cessna 172 (without glass cockpit)

i7-6850k @ 4.1 GHz / 4x 8GB Quad Channel DDR4 3200 MHz CL15-17-17-35 / RTX 3060 12GB UV+OC (12G-P5-3657-KR)
Win 11 build 22000.2538 / GeForce - nVIDIA ForceWare 546.17 (default settings)

All good - i9 13900K, RTX 4090 2K 546.17, 32GB DDR5 @7200, W 10 pro.
DX12,TAA,vsync / 33%/ LOD 200/100, ultra

I am still getting very bad performace with this beta drop. Much worse than in SU13, comparable to the previous beta build.
A few screenshots:


Please note even in the home screen the main thread and manipulatrs are much higher in SU14B comparing to SU13. Of course it’s visible much better with complex scenery and plane. In the screenshots cold and dark ATR at LSZH (Microsoft version), empty community folder, no AI traffic, TLOD/OLOD 100, i9 11900kf, 32GB RAM, RTX 3060TI


Yeah same for me -10fps

Significant increase in mainthread render times. Rdrthread spikes that hit much harder and longer than previous updates.

I’ve lost around -10fps also

Cessna Citation CJ4

  • SIM: ATC will now know about your planned cruise altitude and will assign you a flight level accordingly

It would be nice to see this for ALL Planes, both GA & Airlines, and a little more adherence to the VFR & IRL altitude restrictions, as well as the East -West Rules (according to country)

With all these seasoned ATC Controllers retiring, there must be some that can be brought on as Consultants, to help guide the technical designers, and code developers, to design & code (and Test), something that bears at least some resemblance to the Real world, ?

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Same as many others told, around 10FPS less than on SU13 in the median.

I also have a drop of about 10fps compared to SU13. This is unacceptable, the sim was already poorly optimized. This update should not be released until performance improves. I have ryzen 7800x3d and rtx 4070 and it drops below 30 fps on su14 beta. This is dramatic and unacceptable.


Getting solid performance with DX12/TAA. Heavily populated areas mid 30s fps, 50fps at high altitudes.

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Definitely less fps than SU13 and more stutters for me too.
DX12 frame gen, 4090 and 11900kf

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I have install sim update 14 last version , is not good performance respect sim update 13 . Whith SU 13 before take off fps 48 , SU14 35 fps - after takeoff in flight SU13 60 fps , SU14 40 fps , with micro strutter . Help me . And problem reset assistance.

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I am hoping a lot of the degradation and stutters are related to it being beta and telemetry! Usually the last round of beta proves us all wrong with the best performance! Hope we get the same this round…


I have with this beta -10 FPS


Asobo should solely focus on performance and optimization now.

Like Apple has done with iOS 18 for 1 week


100% agree that should of been down 10 SU’s ago!

I hope Asobo will fix this we have only 1\2 weeks until SU14…

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