[] iniBuilds A320 V2 wrong FCU indications

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iniBuilds A320 V2

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  • In managed heading mode, when preselecting a speed or heading, the managed dot does disappear. The managed dot must not disappear while in managed mode.
  • In managed heading mode, pressing “HDG/TRK” Button only switches VS to FPA on display but not LAT to TRK. Display indication must switch to TRK.

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Managed Dot issue while preselecting: navdot

TRK display issue in nav mode: trkfpa

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Fly with autopilot in NAV mode. Preselect Heading or Speed. For other issue press TRKFPA button.

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The heading you’ve preselected should stay in the window for up to 45 seconds depending on the FCU standard. During this time the Managed dot won’t show. At the end of that time, providing you haven’t pulled the knob for Selected Mode, the entry will revert to dashes and the Managed dot will be shown.

I think the behavior you describe is wrong. Dot should stay.

And again I have to agree with you. The time delay for the dialled in heading to revert to dashes is correct but the Managed indicator should stay illuminated until the knob is pulled and Selected mode activated.

Live and learn. Thanks

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