Stutters are back

Hi all, is just just me but ever since this update, whatever airport I fly to I get one stutter on approach, but just one, seems like its loading the airport or something, haven’t had this with the previous version…

Also, I have quite a strong PC, haven’t played with any of the settings, its happened only since the lastest update.

I always see this occurring around 5 miles from any large airport. I have my settings for AI & scenery pretty well maxed out, and my stutter is caused when the sim loads all the static aircraft & AI traffic at the airport, multiplayer aircraft, plus airport scenery such as ground vehicles, etc. In my case, this is not new behavior - I’ve seen this occurring since I’ve had the sim.

You can easily test if this is the case for you by going to the General Options | Traffic tab and turning off “Aircraft Traffic” & setting the 3 “Airport Life” sliders to zero. Then in the Data tab, set “Live Real-World Air Traffic” to OFF. If you are still seeing the same stutter at the same location, then it is obviously something else.

To be honest, I do not play on multiplayer, I use justflight traffic and all the other in-game traffic settings are set to 0. Never had this issue before, just happened ever since the last update. I will clear my cache/shader cache to see if this does anything…

I have the same problem. Just before arrival on my destination its stuttering heavily.


After i get home from work im going to see lower my airport vehicles and density all the way down and see if that helps any. Heard that may be an issue

To add to this. Although the SIM works fantastically LoD/FPS in general, I have found that it chugs a bit for a short while when loading in a large/detailed airport. I suspect that this could be linked.

Agreed, mine does this as well. I have a beefy system and even after optimizing as best as I can, it still does not eliminate the stutters 100%.

Let’s hope the next update focuses on this issue.

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I am also experiencing this. It seems to vary in its intensity.

I don’t use the rolling cache and have been flying from/to KPSP/KSFO several times for my last few flights, which adds a bit of consistency other than weather and what traffic will be encountered.

I have the same problem as well Just before arrival on my destination its stuttering heavily. and FPS is down about 19 to 15 fps overall.

I tried clearing cache, shader cache, all traffic settings to 0 and its the same. On short final get this stutter, this was an issue before looks like its back. It affects all airports not just one, at least for me.

I’ve noticed the same thing. In my case FPS is down about 25% in the same location and conditions (traffic, plane and weather). :roll_eyes:

Ditto, and anyone knows what happened to 1.37.10 (skipped)?

Just an internal build. We also skipped the .3 & .6 builds.

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I see, are the devs working to resolve the stuttering issues in the next release?

Performance (at least on my PC) is significantly better with this SU. In my performance feedback on the .7 build, I wrote: “…flights over large urban areas such as Manhattan, Paris, London, etc. that suffered from serious stuttering in the current release build (with rolling cache ON) were virtually stutter-free in this build…”
However, not everyone has seen the same results as I have. A lot depends on your PC configuration (or if you are on Xbox) and your MSFS settings.

Whether any additional changes to the code that affect performance will be included in a future build remains to be seen. AFAIK, we never know what the devs have worked on & included in the build until the release notes are published when they drop the build.

Which they include in the main bullet points but not the full details of what they gave away or small changes. I test for multiple developers and have been for years as well as some well known AAA gaming studios and they always tell us what the cons and pros are. Unfortunately most developes have gone away with QA and what the general public wants and what will buy them the next game edition they produce. I wish they would send a Full changelog out including coding changes that will help everyone test for the better. Who know sometimes the public critize eye is all one company needs to excel their product

Yes – 100% agree… The recent (all) change logs are MINIMAL, and while they may provide some PR Spin to please the masses, they are totally inadequate for anyone developing and trying to fix issue causes by a SU beta update.

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