[] SU15 Beta Survey - Performance (PC)

This update seems to have old performance back at offscreen terrain pre caching feature
But i did need to reload my control option devices, they wehre there as pre .18 but reloading them seem to have smoothen flight without stuttering flying low along taller buildings on my system.
at .15 the stutters where caused by offscreen terrain pre caching where i have to set it to medium or low.
Im guessing this has to do with the update and is like a refresh on settings.

If we are asked to Vote on how we see the Performance, why is it that we cannot see the Vote results, so we can judge for ourselves, if we are the norm, or the exception.

Do MS not want us to see the results for any reasonable reason… ?


My performance was very good! Smooth in flight and on approach and landing. Very little studder if any in external view while flying a DC-3 over Duxford in a formation of 8 aircraft with smoke and clear weather. My system is a i7-12700KF, 4080, 48MG RAM, 3840x2160 resolution, NVDIA driver 552.44, DirectX 12, DLSS, everything set to HIGH except Water Waves set to MEDIUM. I did notice that objects did not pop up nearby on approach as they had before.

That looks like two old bugs rolled into one. Giant trees as well as strangely hued trees. I never saw the giant trees issue myself, but I did see the chemically induced ones.

crashed twice in one day, that i cant complete my flght

Ohhh good reminder. I need to go back in and clear shader cache and do some basic clean up.

I’m not sure if it was just me, but I felt DLSS quality was a little bit better on gauges than before. I still like the hyper sharp edged TAA gauges, but I didn’t feel compelled to immediately leave DLSS as I usually do. Using the core developer FPS tool, performance was about the same between the two though. TAA still seems better at cleaning up wire-framed items like power lines, radio towers, and bridges. Although I use a 55" right in my face, on a 36" monitor or less I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. DLSS is that wee bit smoother and in reality, with my older vision, it’d probably be true to life. TAA makes me feel like I have a magic prescription.

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No issues on my end, just a thought - maybe @ZombieSlayar214 can provide any information which Nvidia driver version is used on his end.

There are many players around with pretty outdated driver versions which may cause issues as Nvidia also provided MSFS related fixes by time.

Current version would be 552.44.

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As I mentioned in another thread, my framerate with FG On is usually about 100 FPS, but with this .18 update, I’m seeing 1% lows as far down as 24 FPS in certain situations which is bringing about the occasional 1 second stutter.

I tried to replicate the issue a few times around different stress points, but so far, no such luck. I am on nvidia driver version 551.52, rtx 4090, using DX12.

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Smooth build this is the right RC

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Through all the updating with all the beta builds, would a full reinstall of the sim be advised for performance related issues? I’m wondering if corruption is a probable cause for the issues some of us are having.

MSFS (DX12 only I believe) has had a frame-pacing issue for quite a while that can happen seemingly at random while flying (maybe caused by a performance dip?), but can also be triggered by switching back and forth between windowed and full screen (alt+enter). That’s still a problem with this version. You could have 60+ FPS and then suddenly your FPS is stuck at some low number like 30 or 25 and things will get choppy and stay that way. The only way I know of to reliably fix it is to repeatedly press alt+enter twice until it goes back to your true maximum framerate, which can take multiple tries as the maximum framerate changes each time. So if it ever seems like your maximum framerate is artificially way too low in DX12, try repeatedly hitting alt + enter twice. I know that sounds crazy or a placebo\coincidence where the framerate would have gone back up if you just wait, but that’s not the case. When this issue happens, waiting doesn’t fix it.


Excellent build, I really hope this becomes the SU15 release.

I mean… if I were really determined to nitpick: taxiway light posts render not much further than shouting distance, as has already been mentioned above, and the way the “Grass and Bushes” layer fades into view seems slightly more revealing of the underlying tiled structure.

But these are the only two negative points for me, in an update that otherwise improves the sim in a tranformative manner. I’m in a world of V-synced 60 FPS bliss, upcaled to 4K using DLSS “Quality” or “Balanced” depending on what & where I’m flying. TLOD 300, OLOD 150, very carefully tuned settings. (Some things as low as Medium, but Ultra for Texture resolution, Trees, Buildings, Grass&Bushes, Volumetric clouds and probably more)

This is with a Ryzen 7 3700X 3.60 GHz, 32GB Ram @ 3200 MHz, and an RTX4060 TI 16GB.

With this SU15 build, I can lock the sim to 30 FPS to help frame pacing - and somehow, Frame Gen now manages to reach its theoretical maximum performance (!) and exactly doubles the “real” framerate. Something I haven’t seen happen before.

Now back to flying some more… :helicopter:

after the update today 5/16/24 sim is completely unusable. crashing, freezing on world map, stutters galore, frame gen crazyness back again. I don’t understand how hard is to just not undo everything that was good and working before. after the previous 1mb update… everything was working fine, after everything was broke again on .18. STOP messing with things that work!! How are we supposed to test new features if the base sim doesn’t even work?

I don’t know, so I asked an expert - the MS Copilot AI!

Should votes be hidden when making a poll?

Whether votes should be hidden when making a poll can depend on the context and purpose of the poll. Here are some considerations:

Transparency and Engagement: Showing votes can increase engagement as participants may be more likely to vote if they can see the results change in real-time. It also adds a layer of transparency, as participants can see the results as they come in.

Influence and Bias: On the other hand, showing votes can potentially influence the choices of participants who have not yet voted. They might be swayed by the majority opinion, which could introduce bias into the results

Privacy: In some cases, especially sensitive topics, voters might prefer their choices to be anonymous. Hiding votes can help ensure this privacy.

Ultimately, the decision to hide or show votes in a poll should take into consideration the purpose of the poll, the potential for bias, and the preferences of the participants. It’s important to strike a balance between transparency, engagement, and unbiased results.


I’m starting to have crashes to desktop. Couldn’t complete a full flight. Also more stutters. 4090, i9-13900KS

VR users. Before the update, smooth flight was possible at 18FPS, but after the update, it barely reached 7FPS and was deemed impossible to fly due to stuttering. When you exit the Steam beta version and return to the full version, your flight will be as smooth as before.

As you can see in the comments, I noticed some stuttering on other users’ high-end PCs, but I noticed a lot of stuttering on my low-end GPU.
What is certain is that there is more stutter compared to the previous version.

intel i9-10900k, GTX970, M.2 SSD 1TB, HP WMR VR, 64GB RAM

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There’s still a lot of stuttering, I just pushed my PC to its limits and it’s still present. I hope it’s not released like this.

There is definitely stuttering happening.

I’ve been flying all the Landing Challenges and I just flew the Rossvoll challenge. I had many small stutters and two significant ones on final and short final.

I don’t own any scenery here (other than what might be a part of a WU), there was no other traffic at the airport and I’m in the Asobo 208.

I’m not quite sure why I’d get stutters in this scenario.


Sounds like the “magical memory fix” is not really working then… this is not a good sign!

I am not in Beta, but was looking forward to this to help my situation. Now I feel like there is no hope if their new found trick back-ported from 2024 development was not really the silver bullet they said it was going to be :cry: