1/8/21 Update - CTD with Cessna 172 steam gauge when turning on master battery

5 CTD’s in a row with the cessna 172 steam gauge when I turn master battery on. Worked yesterday no issues, update pushed in today and now issues.

please… not so many infos about the issue… we can’t process all of the given informations.

Yesterday’s update was just Navdata update

I have tested this as I fly a lot this aircraft. I do not get a CTD. It starts from cold and dark as it should. The update that came out 08 January was for the AIRAC cycle and not for any MSFS core files.

I have no mods, no add-ons and no 3rd Party.

same here… no issue with the C172 SH

Narrowed it down to a USB issue with mobiflight and MSFS2020. With USB plugged in and mobiflight running, crash occurs.
With MSFS running no USB, no crash.
With MSFS running first, then launching mobiflight, no crash.

not sure which end it’s on but i can say it wasn’t occurring before yesterdays update. Not sure if it was just a navupdate or not but whatever got pushed through changed something other than just nav.

Great! Glad you found the problem! :+1:

As a reminder, according to the guidelines when reporting in this section of the forum, we only want reports on MSFS default content only. No mods, add-ons or 3rd party.