1.9.3 update Bugs and errors

So i went to check on the A320Neo default and the situation is worse now nothing works aircraft won’t start all panels are off. You click on the battery and nothing happens. Then I restarted the game like 4 times to see and the same situation but this time no button layouts just a blank plane with nothing working.

left screen still goes off mid flight

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Just crazy

I have to restarted the sim like 5 times and nothing going back to the A320NX way better they should give credit to those creators for making a way better A320.

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did u do the fix of turning aircraft density to 0 look for a thread called black screen avionics it fix it for me

My sim now crashes when vfr map activated. Did not
before latest patch. Come on!

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These are all issues covered in the - Known Issues - (Last modified: 9/29/2020) list. Some have workarounds already, others are still being investigated. Best to check there and submit your issues via Zendesk so they can be prioritized.

Yes that’s a fact I open the VFR Map and on mid flight it crash my Sim

King Air systems shutting down now for no reason Since latest patch . I get it , Lets add Japan and forget everything else

thanks Asobo for the great patch … grrrrrrrrrrr
if I completely turn off the AI, turn off live weather, deactivate multiplayer and set the traffic at the airports completely to 0, I can use the A320Neo and also enter a flight plan, manually or via the flight planner and then fly super
it is a real progress that you are not allowed to use anything to be able to fly

I’ve reinstalled the sim due to other problems and now my aircraft not showing up in selection page. I have Premium and only a cessna and TBM showing.

I heard that in Situations like this is better off to unistall the game and reinstall. But check in the forum before doing it

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