1.9.4 Released?

When I view the available content option downloads from my online library under profile, some show as available, but they won’t download?

For example, the Nevada Bush Flight content says I can download it, but it simply won’t do anything when I click on it.

When I checked the “Dependencies” tab it says it requires v1.9.4, which is probably why it won’t let me download it, as I’m running v1.9.3.

What am I misunderstanding about how the content library works … or, has v.1.9.4 been released someplace and I missed it?

Thanks for any clarifications …

1.9.4 is probably staged but not yet release.

Don’t worry, if it is released you will notice it clearly when lauching MSFS.


Yes, one of two things will happen:

  1. If you had already been into the MS Store app, and downloaded the update, it will request to install them.
  2. If you have not, MSFS will tell you there are updates to be downloaded from the MS Store first, then close down. You can then launch the store, download the update, and then re-launch MSFS to complete step 1.

Although it did neither alert me to an update (there might be an “auto” setting) nor did I check my content manager, it DID boot up without the press any key screen today!

Could be a fluke, or there actually is an update

Are you sure your cat didn’t walk across the keyboard? :thinking:


I think cats walking across keyboards is how they came up with the 1.9.3 patch.


When it is released, you will know because everyone and their mom will be on here telling us how 1.9.4 broke something again…


i’m in download now, another 25gb…

What are you talking about?

Well, that’s looking on the bright side …

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DING DING DING!!! We have a winner :rofl:

you stole my joke. lol

1.9.4 is great, a lot of fixes! Good job!

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