- autopilot dolphin dance (oscillations) still an issue

The bug described in this thread is still present for me to varying degrees in certain planes: The dolphin dance is back in (pitch oscillations) - #172 by DesertWolf1557

I will keep the list below updated with my findings for planes that I have had a chance to test. Note that this list only represents my personal experience with these planes unless otherwise specified, and is not exhaustive (eg. I haven’t tested every single autopilot mode, only the ones I’ve mentioned for each).

  • Citation Longitude: The one affected the worst so far. Oscillations vary according to altitude, getting progressively worse the higher I am. It is barely noticeable below 8000 feet, easily perceivable at around 20,000 feet, and at 41,000 feet it oscillated so hard that it stalled my plane multiple times. Oscillations happen in ALT hold mode, VS mode, and FLC mode. Speed appears to be irrelevant, but changes in thrust may make oscillations worse sometimes. Slow roll oscillations occur sometimes in NAV mode as well, but not in HDG mode so far.

  • TBM 930: Oscillates during climbs in FLC or VS mode. It can hold its current altitude in ALT mode up to its service ceiling without noticeable oscillations. Speed appears to be irrelevant. Slow roll oscillations occur sometimes in NAV mode as well, but not in HDG mode so far.

  • Citation CJ4: Only mild oscillations during climb in FLC mode. No noticeable oscillations in ALT mode up to its service ceiling. No noticeable oscillations in VS mode. Speed appears to be irrelevant.

  • 747-8: Used FL CH with auto throttle off to climb and had no issues until around 37,000 feet, at which point slight oscillations began. Switched to VS mode and oscillations stopped. Switched back to FL CH mode and oscillations began again. Was able to hold altitude up to service ceiling without noticeable oscillations. Speed appears irrelevant.

  • Beechcraft King Air: @StageSIXcup shared a video showing the King Air experiencing pitch oscillations in this post: - autopilot dolphin dance (oscillations) still an issue - #63 by StageSIXcup

Planes I’ve tested with no issues so far: DA62, Grand Caravan EX, A320neo, Bonanza


Turn off the AP wait till the FD is synchronized with the horizon and quickly turn AP on.
In 8 out of 10 tries the plane is stable again.

And … Carefully using the VS mode!

Hope that helps

Release notes just said it was reduced, not eliminated, yes?


It said reduced in some aircraft but the updated Known Issues page still shows it as a problem in the Longitude. We are gonna need to wait a while longer to get our premium aircraft moneys worth. (If that makes sense ! lol)


I’ll have to try that. Thanks for the tip.

Ah, I didn’t notice that they updated that page. I just tested the TBM and while it still oscillates during ascent, it does seem to at least be a fixed for holding altitude in that plane. I’ll test more planes and will update my original post with the results I get.

It’s stupid that this is now a ‘new’ issue and requires people to vote again. It’s the same issue unresolved. It’s not just at altitude, I get this quite badly on final approach in the CJ4.


The title says it all. The last bug report thread is closed for some reason, though the bug is still well and alive following today’s recent patch.


The previous post was closed because that one was created as it was referring to another version of the game that’s normal :wink:
Just check at the bottom :wink:
So just vote on that one. :slight_smile:

Now Asobo please fix this, I really wanna fly the citations and when I do as I really want to, I get sick of this dance. Thanks!

Someone bust out the Snoop Dogg video asap

yep and that’s exactly what’s wrong with the handling. the issue still persists but now you have to make aa new post which needs to get upvoted again. and as long as the votes are low it’ll be out of reach=out of sight.
that whole bug handling thing is absolut catastrophic


Definitely still on the radar. The developers are aware. Thanks to @DesertWolf1557 for the detailed report on duplicating the issue. Please keep any relative feedback coming. Snoop Dog videos don’t exactly help. :thinking:

Best way to get developer attention is with a ZenDesk report. (But note it is just for reporting, not bug tracking. So it may get marked as solved as the team moves it to the internal bug tracker). Upvoting the new thread is also appreciated, if you are still experiencing this issue with the new version.

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So the stupidity is repeated by creating this thread with the current patch revision in the title. Stupid stupid stupid. Can someone please rename the thread ‘Autopilot Dolphin Dance (pitch oscillations)’ otherwise this is going to be closed too when this issue isn’t fixed in the next patch.

They should have fixed it in this patch. Ideally they wouldn’t have introduced it in the previous patch! Absolute shambles.

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Why the heck was the previous thread closed when the stupid ‘building too high’ thread was just renamed with changed to and therefore it still keeps all of it’s previous votes?

What a bunch of BS, completely unfair, is it simply that this bug is difficult to fix so the powers that be are trying to push it down the list?

In the release notes for this patch is says:


  • Autopilot pitch oscillation has been reduced

Clearly they have had a poke at it but not managed to get to the bottom of the problem yet given it still exists.

Thanks. I found (in TBM) that disengaging FLC only (for a few seconds to regain stability), then switching back on, also seems to help. Not tested with VS mode, or with other aircraft at this point.

Well haven’t tested the TBM but just did a 800 nm flight with the CJ4, not used FLC though, just VS (except for descent to try it out as it’s automatic). And was able to do it smoothly at FL430 without any dolphin dance.

I even flew above bumpy area with turbulences due to mountains and clouds and bumps or weather update made turbulence but almost no dolphin!
The only time I had issues were when I was overing com tabs (com is in a window on a seperate screen). This causes a little bit of dolphin bounces.

Not sure if this is because of the mod of it though but they didn’t stated that in their update of the mod.

Don’t know if related but didn’t had issues with the TBM in the past. Only the CJ4 (didn’t try the Longitude)

What is interesting: I save my flights every 15 to 20 minutes.

After around 50 minutes into a flight while climbing through 30k feet, the Longitude started to do its dolphin dance. So I loaded my last save game (45 minutes) …and the jet startet to dance right away.

Strange. So I loaded save game II (30 minutes) and the jet started to dance.

I restarted the whole game and tried my save game III (45 minutes) again and even then: Dolphin Dance

So I loaded my first saved game (15 minutes) and voila, the jet behaved as it was supposed to.

I think it is really strange that this bug also affects earlier saved games.

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It’s an autopilot trim issue. Why would it NOT affect earlier saved games? It’s a bug in the stability algorithm.


oh how I was looking forward to this fix. not fixed, just less wobbles in the Citation :frowning:

But if we find the right tunes to this dolphin dance, maybe we can all have a party and it turns out to be a good thing.