"1" being pronounced "O" "N" "E" bug is back. certain voice-overs are once again phonetically spelling out numbers

just had a ATC Controller tell me "Radar Service Terminated, squawk “O N E” 2 0 0 for 1200.

Will zendesk this issue.

What did you expect ? “Squawk Unity Two Zero Zero” ?! Never heard an ATC saying something different than one… or VFR :wink:

its only one specific voice, and it was fixed for the public release.

its literally saying the individual letters like it did in the alpha.

hence the spaces i put between each letter, its spelling it out “O” “N” “E” not, saying “One”

Oh. It makes more sense now.

yeah THAT bug, is back

Not only is the bug back, but I can also confirm that it is not limited to one voice. I’ve had both a male and female ATC spell out “O-N-E”.

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Good: new variety of ATC voices since last patch.

Bad: most of those voices have a habit of pronouncing the number 1 by spelling it out… “oh en ee” instead of just saying “one”

So, for example, I’m cleared to take off from runway 12R, and I hear, “cleared for takeoff runway oh en ee two right.” Wth???


oh that’s what that’s supposed to be??? LOL!
I fly in and out of KFLL and wondered what the hell that gibberish for the frequency is supposed to be.

Funnily enough: Runways seem to get pronounced correctly for me… it’s only the frequency where the ATC seems to suffer a minor stroke when pronuncing 121.0

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It doesn’t seem to happen all the time, but most of the time for me. And I think only when 1 is the first number of the sequence. Like, I’ve never heard runway 21 said wrong. And I’ve heard frequency 118 spoken as, “oh en ee one eight”

It also only seems to be the new voices. I don’t think I’ve heard the voice matching the launch ATC voice mess up.

It’s pretty obvious they don’t QA these changes. This is something that would get caught right away if it was checked at all.


Noticed as well that ATC pronounces the decimal point in radio frequencies as “decimal”, as in “one two six decimal 8” lol.

Yeah but it’s always done that. And it’s the ICAO standard, so it’s not that weird - we Yankees just aren’t used to it.


THAT’S what she’s saying! I was trying to figure out why it sounded weird. Like “One-ee” or “one-er” like “nine-er”? I thought I was going crazy. I already get confused with the taxiway directions and that just added to it.

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This is a bug, please file a bug report on Zendesk to inform them of the issue.

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Already done, thanks :slight_smile:

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European ATC does use “Decimal” in their phraseology, US ATC typically does not.

Ah. Well I was flying in the US. May be a bug or something they just deemed good enough for sim ATC pronunciation.

not a bug, just improper programming for US Phraseology

Here’s the thing with the argument of ICAO vs US Phraseology.

ICAO develop standards around the world. However, some countries deviate from these in different ways. I would rather Asobo stuck with ICAO ATC Phraseology/Procedures sim wide and focused on improving and adding to the ATC system, with some regional accents over putting in the time to try and make ATC more accurate on a regional level.

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Is there a cure for this, please? I have read a few posts about this suggesting to look elsewhere for a cure but in each case they have been closed down without saying where the cure might be found?