"1" being pronounced "O" "N" "E" bug is back. certain voice-overs are once again phonetically spelling out numbers

Cheers, I think I will do the same. Although I have a pilots flight radio telephony licence, I did not notice that. BRGDS. Charles

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It’s spelling out “w” “u” “n” from time to time. Very odd behavior.

On the plus side for folks in the US who want to make the change, “decimal” can easily be replaced with “point”. That one works.

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That’s a bummer! Do you have the letters all in lower case? I believe capitalization of letters, ‘ONE’ either causes them to be read out phonetically or read out as individual letters, (just my theory). If you have typed them in as ‘Wun’ change it to ‘wun’ it’s worth a try otherwise the problem is far deeper than we can see and could be due to poor programming of the software, (text to-speak engine) that reads that file in which case we will need to wait for Asobo to fix it. So far, I am OK and have not had another occurrence of O-N-E, I may not have used the simulator long enough to confirm this as fixed permantely.

My ‘wun’ entries are all lower case now. You could even try putting a space in front to see what happens!

It’s a shame that there appears to be no option for ‘May day’ and ‘Pan’ calls …

BRGDS, take care. Charles

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Had them in all caps, as that is how it was with “ONE”. I’ll give your idea a shot.


That file has become a treasure trove of information. Saw a list of the fauna points of interest, so now I know where to go to see bears and the like. LOL

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Yea, I think the fact you had them in CAPS was probably the problem. let us know if that aspect of the ATC is fixed for you because it will give confidence to other users who might want to apply this tweak. I have changed my file in the way you suggested. Many thanx for that tip! :grinning:

Incidentally, did you notice that Asobo have written the numbers in a mixture of caps and lower case? It is strange that the text is not consistent.

SARDriver11227 said …

''All I did was replace “eleven thousand”, “twelve thousand”, etc. with “wun wun thousand”, “wun two thousand” etc.



Unfortunately, I have noticed that ATC read out ‘1’ as ‘w-u-n’ following the script edit that I made. This is frustrating as this appears to indicate that there is a problem with the text-to-speak engine and not the script file that we have been editing. At this time, it appears the tweak I thought worked to stop ‘o-n-e’ being read out, does not work. This is probably why Asobo have not been quick to fix this aspect of the ATC program. In retrospect, once this is fixed, it would be nice to see the implementation of May Day and PAN calls and have the ability to expand the ATC application with a few additional regional voices. The Microsoft ATC world is all American at the moment!

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Thanks. haven’t had the chance to play in a couple of days. I agree about the expansion of the capability.

I’ve noticed that once an approach is given, I can’t change cruising altitude. Was told to climb to 13,000 after being cleared on an approach, and there was no way to tell it that I didn’t want to.

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Who actually uses the MSFS ATC? It’s a toy- not much better than FSX.

I temporarily solved this by switching my ATC pack from Azure to the offline Windows voice packs. The offline packs don’t have the “oh enn ee” issue and the voice variety seems way better as a bonus.

Asobo definitely needs to work on their phraseology and quality assurance on the ATC, though. Like how Fort Worth Center is pronounced “Eff Tee Worth” because they just overlooked it in their text file, or how Provo Municipal Airport in Utah is called “Providenciales” by the ATC AI, etc.

I get that FS2020 is an enormous project, but some of the smallest and stupidest errors can be some of the biggest destroyers of immersion because they’re not only mistakes, but easily-corrected ones by anyone who has competent QA.


Great tip here. :grinning: Thankyou for the tip, I will try the Windows Voice Packs. BRGDS. Charles

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A related point - I noticed recently (not sure if it was before or after the last patch, it might be something they addressed through Azure, or not) that while ATC used to refer to NORCAL approach as ‘Norkle’, they now say ‘Nor-Cal’, which I presume is correct. (IANAPIRL. :slight_smile: ) So, progress is being made.

Edit: (This is using Azure.)

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I’ve had that same thing happen flying from RJTT to KLAX.
Coordinates like 40E50S get spelled like ‘forty to the power of fifty’.


That’s a new one! ATC getting mathematical.

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:rofl: :joy: :nerd_face: Brilliant, that made me laugh! Charles

The ONE seems fixed with the latest patch. Anyone else noticed ?

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Agreed! :slight_smile:

Another fun bug with the ATC is that in the ATIS they pronounce “wind” as “wind (like winding a clock).”

Hopefully this sim lasts for the couple of years that it will require to get all of this sorted.

It is not only spelling out “O N E”. I was using the callsign “Moonflower” (used by Neos) last night. Some voices were spelling the entire word out “M O O N F L O W E R 2 2 4”, while others seemed to be able to handle the word and were actually saying “Moonflower224”.

Its a start at least:

This issue was delivered as part of Update 5 (v1.10.7.0)