"1" being pronounced "O" "N" "E" bug is back. certain voice-overs are once again phonetically spelling out numbers

sadly no, unless there is something that can be adjusted within the files using the SDK, nothing i know of will fix that.

I saw someone post that it can be done, by editing the en-US.locPak file located here:
by replacing an entry on three lines, using ‘won’ instead of ‘one’.

However, searching for either ‘1’ or ‘one’ in this file brings up thousands of entries! If there was a clue as to which lines to search for then that might resolve this.

Failing that, ASOBO might cure it in the next update, of course, so yes, i have posted a Zendesk request on this.

Here you go, I think I have worked it out …

MSFS 2020/Official/OneStore/fs-base/en-us

Please search for the lines around the highlighted area in blue and change ‘one’ to ‘wun’
This change appears to have worked for me however, it only started working after I had loaded the simulator twice.

The key here is to look for ATCCOM and .tts where .tts is ‘text to speak’.

Back up your original file.

Happy flying.



Brilliant - that’s exactly what I was after!

Thank you!

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Your welcome!

I don’t think there are any other lines that we need to change. At least if it does not work you will now have a ‘spring board’ to find any other offending lines. Let me know how you get on. BRGDS. Charles :grinning:

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… the only problem is that I may now spend the rest of my Sunday changing other entries!! :slight_smile:

Some of the French airfields have very ‘un French’ pronunciations (which is a big strange given ASOBO’s location). I have Zendesked these and I notice a few have been altered.

Likewise, EGTH isn’t Hatfield (which closed several years ago), but Old Warden, so that’s also on my list … another one I have ‘Zendesked’.

Very useful post - thanks.


The problem in these forums is that people often just give cryptic solutions/clues or just expect others to know where to look for files. Editing the file would be an easy fix for the developer, I am surprised they have not done this over the last couple of patches. Charles


Please navigate to your en-us file and also change these values to ‘wun’. I have discovered that my fix was not tough enough! If this does not work I will check for further entries that need changing for you.

Place back up your file! :grinning:

BRGDS. Charles


It’s kind of pathetic how EASY a fix this is, and yet…here we are having to do it ourselves…


Hi RoboGreg. I have just tested my changes and found one instance of O-N-E which is frustrating. Anything that has ‘ONE’ in the text file is suspicious. The controllers are saying ‘wun’ now but the co-pilot did use O-N-E. I will check the file again to find out where this instance is coming from and then hopefully it will be gone for good …

Be sure to send Asobo a bill for your time.


Yea, and I never was allowed to join the ‘alpha testing program’. I think it will take two boots of the simulator to get rid of the O-N-E. I cannot find any more obvious instances that need to be changed from, ‘ONE’ to ‘Wun’.

Is there a way to put this in the Community folder? I don’t want the next patch to think a “severe” change has occurred, and insist on a complete re-download.

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you can always try :slight_smile:

that way once a update rolls out it wont replace it, or make a backup “drop in” file for each time you update and it reverts back to “OH EN EE” just drop the fix file back into place.

ive done the latter for the next update if its not patched properly

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…which may undo changes Asobo made to that file. :wink: I’d make a note of which lines you’ve changed and manually change those lines again after a new update (if you get that O N E back again). That way you won’t miss out on possible changes and updates.

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using the back up drop in, you can compare the changes especially if you use notepad++ , you can compare the two files side by side and use compare functions and you will be shown the differences.

get notepad++ here:



THANK YOU! Took the opportunity to correct the improper readout of altitudes below FL180, too.

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Now to figure out why ATC reads Destination spelled out.
Example: Instead of saying cleared to Denver Intl it will say you are cleared to Delta, Echo, November… ect. Worse part is when your voice reads it back same thing.

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Hi, can you share them with us. Perhaps between us we can clean it up a bit by getting rid of some of those annoying incorrect ATC terminology! :smiley: Charles

All I did was replace “eleven thousand”, “twelve thousand”, etc. with “wun wun thousand”, “wun two thousand” etc.

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