1 question (GamePass to Premium Deluxe)

I have downloaded FS2020 with gamepass on pc, if I buy the game, I need to unistall the game and buy and download it again or i don´t need to unistall it? PD: I want the premium deluxe edition (this is the reason because this version have more planes, airports,etc than standard and i don´t know if the game add the extras to my downloaded version) . Thanks

You wont have to download again, but you need to download the extra premium content. Be sure to buy the full version and not upgrade though.


I was on GamePass before, I just bought the Premium deluxe version from MS Store and download the content from the content manager.
There is a 20% promotion currently for those who already have a Gamepass subscription.

Once the purchase is complete, remember to cancel the Gamepass subscription so of course, you have no other games …

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Ok thanks guys