10 FPS drop post update

Since Sim Update 3, my frames have dropped from 35+fpm to 22-25fps on average. During this occurrence, my CPU, GPU and RAM usage are all at aprx. 50% capacity. The sim is installed on an SSD. No internet issues, etc. No settings have changed within the sim since the update. Nothing on the PC has changed as well. Pre-update, I was able to maintain a steady (locked with RivaTuner) 35fps. After the update, It will occasionally hit 35, but typically has been running 10frames less.

All mods have been removed from my community folder, no other applications are running on my PC. I also notice even while in the MSFS main menu, things seem sluggish. Mouse curser is slightly delayed (almost un-noticeable but there) as is clicking on menu items. Even prior to launching the flight. Something seems to be causing a bottleneck, but I don’t see anything from a system resource standpoint that is suffering. I am reading other similar remarks on external forums (Avsim). Something has changed causing degradation within the game. I have also deleted and re-established my rolling cache. No change.

This has been posted literally 14,000 times. :wink:

Good :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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I went from 80+ FPS before the update down to 2. Frames. Per. Second. After the update.

I haven’t read any official acknowledgement or response from MS or Asobo. I hope this gets fixed before the 16th for the CRJ release :confused:

They acknowledged it in the live dev Q & A yesterday. They didn’t commit to a hotfix but said they are considering one.