10 Propeller Mods to use with the Community Folder

Here are 10 Propeller Mods to use with the Community Folder - Prop_MODS_Community

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk!
The use of the downloaded modded texture files is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from such activities.
This Mod can be used by anybody as they see fit without any restrictions.

10 Propeller Mods for the FS2020 Standard Edition to use with the Community Folder:


  • To Install: unzip, copy and paste any Prop_MOD folder to the FS2020 Community Folder.
  • To Uninstall: delete Prop_MOD folder from the FS2020 Community Folder.

Modded and Original Propeller comparison video:


Propeller mod was tested with the Bonanza Turbo mod and it works great! To make this Mod at the appropriate Texture files only Alpha channel was adjusted to reduce propeller annoying “strobe effect” (blinking).

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Hi there

Tried installing but I have not been able to get it to work, Note that I do have the working group Bonanza mod installed. I thought that might have had something to do with it so I tried it a couple of ways: with the colder extracted as-is in the community folder and withthe folder renamed to put it below the Bonanza mod. This is what the community folder looked like in the two case:

In both cases the prop still looks like this:

I tried it at different RPMs FWIW. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?


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Usually conflict with the liveries mod. Remove liveries-bonanza-g36 folder and G36 Basic Blue liveries then check Propeller Mod.

What a pity, it turns out that is indeed the problem. At this stage the livery is more important to me as I can almost replicate the Bonanza I used to own years ago. But I do love this mod so I am keeping my fingers crossed that at some stage it would be possible for these mods to co-exist. I will keep following this mod in case something does turn up.

Thanks for a very nice mod indeed.

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You are Welcome! Send me a link to your favorite livery. A will try do merge Propeller mod and Livery. Never did it but I will try. :grinning:

That is very kind of you: thanks. I have however encountered a bit of an issue: my preferred livery is no longer available for download! This means that, unless the issue is generic to all repaints, fixing the file I have would be a dead end street for you.

I really do not want to waste your time on something that goes nowhere for you, but if you are still prepared to look at it I could perhaps upload the file to Google Drive and send you the link?

Thanks again: you are most generous.

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Good! Just send me link to the Google drive! :grinning:

Thanks kindly again and here is the link:

Ok! Download was successful! :slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent, thanks!


Bonanza G36 Basic Blue & Prop

Enjoy your Favorite Bonanza G36 Basic Blue with the updated Prop! :wink:
Best Regards!


You are a scholar and a gentleman! Will test and advise.

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You are Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Tested with a quick circuit at Vancouver International: it is a thing of beauty! Gone is the exaggerated prop that I never saw in real life while still maintaining the prop appearance while looking from the side, as it should be!

Again: much appreciated!

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Glad to know we succeed!!! :v: :v: :v:
Enjoy your G36! :smiley:

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Great result on the Bonanza. It had one of the worst prop effects. Thanks.

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Thank you for this!

BTW, it plays well with the Bonanza alternate color stripes (11 colors) liveries.

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Im-PROP-erly modelled? :smile:

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Thank you for Feedback! Those 11 liveries should work well because they don’t have Propeller Textures inside the package.