100% GFX usage bug

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performance in general seems better than SU9 for sure. when working correctly… However I am experiencing a game breaking bug. This is with or without mods in Community folder, I call it the 100% gfx card bug which results in abysmal FPS. unplayable.

I used to get this on final at “some” airports during SU9. never found the cause. however since SU10 I now get this bug just switching between VR and 2d. The bug does not disappear until entering Main Menu, sometime it consists even at the Main Menu to which I have to restart the sim.

So I have now found out if i make sure my Oculus CV1 is running before starting the sim, and make sure it does not shut down I can avoid the bug. If i at any point switch back to 2D the bug activates. 100% graphics usage and terrible FPS even while 2d, to which I know my usage should be around 60% in 2d due to only running 1080p. mostly high/ultra settings in game, also using OpenXR toolkit and Oculus Tray Tool for 1.5SS. I have managed to get 3 1/4’s of a flight in so far stable with great FPS to which then approaching LOC on arrival airport I get the 100% gfx bug again. So I have not had a full flight yet in SU10 with stable FPS throughout. likewise if I fly 2D. So unhappy right now I have been using the sim since release and never had such a bad experiance. Also using GSX has given me the 100% gfx bug in 2D just sitting on the ground loading Pax… something is not right. any help is welcome because I just cant get a good flight in. It seems as soon as the game has a hiccup BOOM 100% bug. restart sim needed.

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approaching final, switching between VR/2D, using some addon content.

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i712700kf 32gbddr5 rtx3080 Oculus CV1

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SU9/SU10 worse.

So after more testing… WIN 11. installed Geforce Experiance Beta (disabled overlay) Removed OpenXR (and also tried updating to 1.2) Updated to Nvidia Studio Driver, Switched to DX12 (worse performance) (Limeted by GPU) switched back to DX11 (limited by Main Thread)… uninstalled Win 11 latest update (XXXXXX83) Still exactly the same!!! As soon as I switch from VR back to 2D 100% gfx usage and FPS below 30! so the only thing now that is different is SU10!!! I can confirm once back to 2D and getting 100% bug if I CLOSE oculus software the bug stops. If I then RE-open Oculus software the game runs with worse performance in 2D than Prior to switching to VR (main thread stutters). So your SU10 update doesn’t like Oculus software!!! HOTFIX NEEDED ASAP.