100% Reproducible CTD

Steam Version

No addons in Community folder

Not in Developer Mode

100% reproducible CTD when trying to load a flight plan when there is already a flight plan made in the world map. I am trying to test certain thing with different flight plans and how VFR is broken as well a how the map resets flight plans when selecting certain things. While testing, I would load a custom flight plan from LittleNavMap, and then try to load another custom LNM flight plan. It crashes each time. I’m not sure if it does this with plans made in the world map and then saved. I have only used saved plans from LNM and loaded those into the world map. My flight plans have custom waypoints for flying through different scenery. Between the VFR planning being broken (I get the same weird waypoints weather I use a LNM VFR plan or make a VFR plan in the world map) and the world map resetting whatever is loaded/made when something is selected/changed, it’s getting really annoying to fly.

Not sure if this is specific to LNM or if it is with all plan files, or even trying to load a plan file onto a world map made flight plan.

  1. Load flight plan into world map (I used a LNM .pln file)
  2. Load another flight plan (Again, I used a different LNM .pln file)
  3. Crash

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
ASUS TUF Gaming X-570 Plus (WIFI)
Corsair Vengeance Pro 32Gb 3200mhz
Western Digital SN750 1TB NVME SSD
Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7500rpm HDD - -

Steam Version

ZenDesk: 122754

Are you hitting Reset between loading plans or trying to load one on top of the other?

Loading one on top another. I used to never have an issue with this.

After more testing, it does the same thing even if I create a direct VFR flight plan from airport to airport. I have not tested with IFR yet but it seems to be with a plan that’s already loaded, not just LNM plans.

I did have once where it actually reset the plan before it and loaded the second plan just fine. This happened after I loaded a flight plan and it was reset to just the departure and arrival airports after trying to select a runway. So I loaded up another flight plan and no crash.

Sounds like you solved your problem! Great!