1060 to 3060Ti Frame Rate Difference

After SimUpdate 5, I’m pretty happy with my performance. In 1080P, I get 25-40fps, and some large airports will slow down to 20. Rest of my rig as follows:


If I can go from my current GTX 1060 to an RTX 3060Ti, what kind of increase can I expect??

You will probably be CPU limited with a 3060 Ti at 1080p, at least if you don’t max out every setting. You can do an experiment to get at least a hint of what performance your CPU can provide.

Turn the graphics settings down to LOW and render scaling to 50. This will look awful but bear with me.
After that, turn up the LOD sliders to the value you want to use (probably 100-150 or so?) along with terrain vector, and set the glass cockpit refresh rate.

If you fly with those settings now, you should be CPU limited almost all the time, so this gives you a best-case view of what you can expect with the 3060 Ti. If you play on very high settings, the 3060 Ti may become the bottleneck and give you a lower framerate than you get here, but you’re unlikely to get a higher framerate with the card than you get on these settings.

Check if your motherboard supports the i7-9 series of CPU. That will be a big boost for you at around $400. If you are upgrading graphics cards, think about getting the maximum VRAM you can afford. This will future proof you for flight sims because they are only going to get more VRAM hungry as time goes on. Good luck with the upgrade. I hope this helps.

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