1080ti never crashed. 6900XT does

It doesn’t happen often but it’s a pisser when it does. Is CTD a Radeon issue. should I have have opted for the 3080ti?

Short answer, yes.

I had a 3080 on pre-order from day one, but supply was non existent, so after three months I cancelled the pre-order and picked up a Radeon 6800XT. My nVidia 1660ti OC had preformed OK and it never crashed the game, although framerates were far lower of course.

I had crashes and weird bugs from the get go with the 6800XT though. Just really annoying. Like I’d start a flight and suddenly I had like 5fps, or if not that I’d get a super dark screen that was useless. Always restarting the game and often giving up. When I got the G2 VR headset the crashes were so bad you’d be lucky to get a twenty minute flight. And I’m using an AMD CPU as well.

Things have improved, especially when MSFS came out on the all AMD XBox, but I still get crashes.

Seriously, this is the first and last AMD GPU I’ll ever buy. Can’t wait for the nVidia 4XXXX series to come out next year.

Looks like I’ll be sticking with ODGC. (Old Dirty Graphics Card, aka, the 1080ti!)


Check your power supply, AMD recommended 750W minimum for the 6900XT.

yes, power supply can be the issue. i have been running the 6800xt and have had few issues. most seem to have stemmed from the sim, not the card.

beers :beers:

Been running my 6800XT for a while now, apart from the initial driver installation corrupting windows, I haven’t had any further issues.
Just a word of advice when changing graphics cards to always uninstall the previous graphics driver with a program called DDU. Prevents conflicts between old drivers that might be hanging around and the new Radeon drivers that could cause crashes. A lot of the time it’s a software issue that can be fixed quite easily.
Good luck!


I couldn’t get my 6900XT stable. I tried “everything”, even considered upgrading the PSU to 1000W (I have 850). Now I’m running a 3090, it’s rock solid and takes more juice than the 6900XT. I really wanted to keep the AMD card, but didn’t have the patience for AMD/Asobo/MS to solve the issue…

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Yeah, the AMD cards did appear to be more thirsty** over the last 2 or 3 (or more?) generations
** or was that hotter? :confused:

I have a brand new Corsair gold rated 850W PSU and made sure to get rid of all nVidia driver relics, including checking the registry. It was just bad drivers and Asobo bugs earlier on. The latest Radeon drivers have been much better.

I will say this though, in 2D with 1440p in MSFS, the 6800XT performs just as well as a 3080, giving great framerates on all ultra and is very stable now.

On 4k it falls behind, as it does in VR with a G2 headset. Not by much, so I’m not troubled by it. I get a good experience in VR which is what i fly mostly. But I do still get crashes from time to time.

Until SU5, Radeon cards had CTD with VR in every flight. That was fixed when XBOX version was released. No surprised there as XBOX uses AMD GPU. I haven’t had a single CTD either in 2D or VR (Reverb G2). My only grievance is that Asobo multilated graphics to a point where flying in VR is no longer enjoyable. Hope the SU6 with DX12 will fix all the shimmer and blurry visuals.

The power supply is a 1000w EVGA that was made before they started using sub-grade parts. I keep it cool enough. Temps never go over 40c (water-cooled+). It’s not just the CTDs but that fricken coil whine. I still have a 1080ti rig that never ever crashes. I’m past the return window and incredibly disappointed with this card. I was so happy to score one; but now…

6900 xt here. No crashes since SU5. Well there’s still the odd one when setting up a flight but once the flight starts I don’t crash.

First you should make sure you don’t have any conflicting applications running on your computer. Look here.

Next you should make sure your computer is 100% stable so do some stress testing. My suggestion is you download OCCT . That program will find hardware problems if you have them. It’s free and has a number of stress tests for all your components. Can your computer pass 15 minutes of all of those tests? OCCT shows temperatures as well so I suggest you watch your temps while running the tests.