115 GB Mandatory Update?

I used MSFS this morning without any issues. I just went to play again, but I found that the icon for MSFS was no longer on my taskbar. It appears that the sim is no longer on my computer. I then started the sim and found a 115 GB mandatory update. Are you kidding me? I never requested the sim be removed from my computer. How can this happen?


Hello SquarishBacon68,

same problem here on my PC, folders were empty (community folder, …). I tried to start the sim, 113 GB mandatory update, looks like a complete new Installation. Strange…

Regards, Frank

Same for me. Very annoying as I am currently on a slow internet connection.
113 GB mandatory updates are inacceptable

I think this has to do with the Beta version that I participated in. I am reading online that a mandatory update would be forced today if you didn’t leave the Beta test prior to today. I hope all of the settings and configurations are not also lost.


I just manually came off the beta last night. No messing about – just uninstalled MSFS, and did a fresh Install. Left it going overnight while I slept, and it was done the next morning .

All Bright & shinny NEW – and working well ??

AT least, left it on a AP flight from KDCA to KBOS (C172), and after 3 hours, no FPS drop … This is NEW ( at least for me, so we will see what happens when I land @ KBOS.

Probably Jinxed it, and will get 5pps and a CTD !! but we live in eternal hope - thats MSFS !!

Ok, I also had the Beta installed.

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Same thing happened to me today.

Same here, but once I pointed the installer to my d: drive and FS folder it didn’t actually download anything. Just checked for updates and started right up.


same here forced a compleate reinstallation, was as well Beta Member, hope it saved settings

Forgot to mention, yes, my settings were all reset… but I’ve come to expect that. I have to assume there’s a method of saving a copy of a config file that we could restore? I get everything set nicely for VR and the next day it always gets messed up somehow.

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When I left the beta I had a mandatory full download as well, but I swear it didn’t ask me where to put it and just installed it in the standard location, and now I have two Packages (Community and Official) folders on two different drives…

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Happened here too.
I decided to make the whole PC empty and doing a fresh Windows 11 install.
So, this weekend I’ll be downloading lots of data…. ( again)

Now I’m really upset … Was on beta – So I uninstalled, and did a clean install all last night, This morning it ran.
I did a long flight while I was at work, and after 6 hours I was down from 45FPS to about 10 FPS.

So I thought I would try again without Internet - set MSFS OFFLINE & closed it down.
When I restarted to do my flight , it said I needed an UPDATE !!! but would not update— so I had to uninstall again, and start a whole new Install !!!

When you leave Beta the cfg file gets deleted. In the new cfg file you need to the bottom and change it to the correct drive location of your packages. Otherwise the sim asks you to do a whole new reinstall because the default packages location is empty.

All you have to do is select the folder location where your sim is installed. Once you click update, it will see that everything is still there and sim will load like normal.


Yep that’s what I found when this happened to me a few days ago.

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I left the beta prior to Jan 13 and got a full 113 GB update. Is that necessary? Did I do something wrong?

Was your Packages installation in the Default Directory?

Point your installer to the current install location then it should be okay.

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