115 GB Mandatory Update?

Same problem, told him my Installation path, but it looks like it downloads the whole Sim

Ah. I had the beta installed too, but I thought it updated automatically when the release version came out. I forgot about having to leave the beta.

Yes it was.

The Public Beta announcements cautioned against joining if your Packages folder was in a Default path. Your chances of getting a complete re-download were minimized but not guaranteed if you moved them to a custom path before joining. So far, that has proven to be the case for the majority of Beta users in this round.

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Me too. there was an update in ms store, updated it, taskbar icon disappeared, clicked on start menu ms icon, it ran to update then wanted to install complete sim, just checked it is installing in same drive all ok. just going to let it run for hours. Had a lovely morning planned on there. :hot_face:

ah ■■■■, totally forgot about that, glad I came on here,

Is this a bug in the installer? Why is it unable to see my current installation?

I don’t think it’s a bug. That’s just the technical advice from the Team to keep it outside the standard C:\ path.

I’m not on MS-Store, but I have monitored many threads where keeping a default installation already causes challenges even not participating in a Beta. All the basic Security settings to the path, symbolic linking, etc. So it’s not surprising that you’d want to keep your Packages out of those possibilities.

I guess maybe it’s just the dumbest installer I have ever seen.


this happened to me as well. never participated in the beta but I’ve had the sim uninstall itself 2 times in the last 2 weeks. and a couple times before that as well last year. this is getting old real fast.

I had the same problem, until I connected to my VPN. Then it downloaded at 80Mbp/s!! All good!

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