11thgen Intel processors


I currently have a core I-7 10700KF with a Nvidia 3090. Although with settings set to mostly Ultra I have a pleasant experience, there are still some stutters and some head juddering. Occassionally, I will get a black screen “freeze” for a second at low altitude. I was curious as to any opinions on the upcoming 11th Gen Intel processors. Their flagship can OC to 5.3GHZ and they claimed 19% more instructions per cycle. Does anyone think this would be a worthy upgrade?

Nope, wait for Alderlake if you want to stick with intel and have a worthwhile upgrade… it’s sounding pretty interesting. I believe it’s expected later this year iirc. Rocketlake is honestly looking like nothing but a filler product to have some sort of answer to Zen3 sooner.

Be extremely dubious of any company’s marketing slides and wait for benchmarks, but for example here in their CES slide with intel cherry picking their own sample of games they nudge out the 5900x by low single digit percentages which itself would likely only nudge out your processor by single digits in the same games they chose. That is assuming those benchmarks are even representative of reality as you have to dig much deeper into what configurations, cooling, boosts, specific features etc were used or not. So in short a company issued slide where they get to dictate all the rules and pick games to their favour not even managing a single game with double digit improvement over the 5900X (itself a strange choice, the 5800X would have been more directly comparable) is not in the slightest bit impressive in my honest opinon. There is every chance the 5900X still beats it when a wider range of games and optimum configurations are used. Again, we’ll have to wait for 3rd party benchmarks to really know and there will always be certain games that just favour one manufacturer over the other so if there are just one or two games that you really focus on it’s worth hunting down specific benchmarks when they’re available.

Also just to mention Intel’s old game was comparing IPC in these marketing slides not to the previous gen but the one before or even to skylake. Be careful to read the smallprint and if they don’t categorically say XX% IPC over a specific architecture and over what actual workloads they assessed that IPC, take it with a pinch of salt.


Wonderful. I was hoping for an easy upgrade to my z490 motherboard. with the Alderlake, i would have to change the motherboard most likely. Perhaps this much anticipated move to DX12 will make a leap in performance without a processor upgrade.

Yes, I think you’ll see significant improvements to CPU limitations when the work for Xbox optimisation is done for this summer, almost guaranteed… they already teased a 4x speedup in trees due to that work for example which are pretty CPU heavy iirc.

What do you mean by speedup in trees? Show 4x as many trees with same performance, or alternatively show same number of trees with better overall performance?

You could do either, I think iirc they suggested a balance where they can get eg 2x better tree coverage (there was talk about how the trees have to be too wide for some areas as otherwise the coverage would be too sparse and this would allow more realistic thinner trees and good coverage).

49:20 to 51:00 https://youtu.be/hYsDE-kkwaM

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