12th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) Himalayas - X-Cub

12th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) Himalayas - X-Cub
Updating date due to an event conflict

World Tour Part 18 - Thalchi (Nepal) -> Kathmandu (Nepal)
Server Stuff:
Comms: Flight 05 - Subject to change look for ‘FootanMouth’ (https://discord.gg/AJ4g3a7Y
Server: West Europe
Settings: All Players, Live Traffic, Live Weather (GameTime 07:30 UTC)
Aircraft: X-Cub
Duration: 3:00
Purpose: Flying around the world in light aircraft, exploring the Himalayas.
Group: All welcome, be sensible I enjoy flying not being silly in F16s
Not doing real ATC or worrying about how people decide to land, please let people be heard when they are giving directions or asking for help.

WT-18.PLN (3.7 KB)

Pictures from previous flight:

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Looking forward to this flight . Is there a flight plan I can download? Thanks

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I’ve just attached it to the first post

Help me with comms? Link doesn’t work and neither does searching for FootanMouth

https://discord.gg/AJ4g3a7Y this should work

if it doesnt try this

Ready to go :slight_smile:

Hm, cannot read or post in the discord channel flight 5…

Love to join but no fun if i cant find you on discord. Just a newb

did the discord link work?

the voice channel with 20 people in right?

Yeah, I am actually in now. You have to use the app and first respond to a message from MSFS to gain access to the channels.

Thanks for organizing FootanMouth!
FL220 in a XCub was fun :slight_smile:

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I missed the middle 90 minutes of the flight because I’ve got a standing date with mates to do a zoom chat and take part in a terrible virtual pub quiz.

I imagine at 22k feet, you only had to reassure the engine that yes, there was fuel waiting for it when you got back down from orbit :smile:

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