146 For X Box Series X

Hi is the 146 coming to X Box Series X and if so when many thanks in Advance

Yes, not only the 146 but Just Flights entire catalogue thus far should be making its way across after SU10. So probably fairly soon after, if things go well that is.

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I’m really looking forward to them coming to the Marketplace. That said, I think MS needs to pump the brakes and stabilize the foundation of the sim before introducing high quality (expensive) aircraft.

As it stands now, if all these beautiful third party aircraft were to appear on the Marketplace, I wouldn’t be gambling a nickel on them until it was proven the sim is stable.

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Just Bought the Phenom but disappointed as No Autopilot LNAV VNAV so not happy :man_facepalming:


A Main Menu defeats our consoles. Imagine what PMDG’s 737 with its shear amount of complexity would do if dropped on our consoles? I’d be surprised if anyone could make it to the pre-flight cutscene.

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That’s terrible. No offense, but there’s a lesson here…don’t spend good money after bad.

No more purchases for me in the foreseeable future until the “miracle” update is released

Exactly. I have no faith in the product at this point.

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Just for clarity, the issue with Xbox is that it doesn’t natively support a thing called WASM which most complex aircraft need. WASM in simple terms needs access to the operating system, which it currently cant have on an Xbox.
Asobo are hoping to have a work around as part of SU10, but it is not a fix. The fix requires the team who manage Xbox OS to make changes, and while they have said they will commit to it, its a low priority for them.

I’d have a healthy scepticism as to how well or otherwise the SU10 work around will play. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

Yes, that’s correct with regards to WASM.

I’m coming from the perspective that I would be a fool to spend that kind of money on an addon when I can’t even complete a basic ILS landing at this point due to serious sim issues.

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Yeah that sucks man. I knew it was bad/shady weeks ago, only made worse with this update no doubt. I’m quickly finding it’s best to stay away from glass cockpit stuff as it stands now. Maybe at least try manual fly VFR instead at the moment.

If SU10 can’t deal with WASM i will have to buy a PC

Hi guys,

does the simbrief function also work on the xbox for the 146?