14th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) The Great Lakes - Cessna 172 (g1000)

Flying about the Great Lakes
Server Stuff:
Comms: Flight 05 ( https://discord.gg/n79xMmVm )
Server: West Europe
Settings: All Players, Live Traffic, Live Weather/Time
Airports: CPL5, CPF2, CYAM, 0Mi6, KNEB, Y98, 5Y7, 1Mi9, 2P4, KCMX
Aircraft: Cessna 172 (g1000)
Duration: 3:00
Purpose: flying around the Great Lakes, hitting some mountains hopefully not too hard =)
Group: All welcome, be sensible I enjoy flying not being silly in F16s


Pictures from the last adventure flight:


Mr Foot, your flight plan is on the other side of the world in the US Lake Superior area. Is that what you wanted? It will take a LONG TIME to make it to Japan from there in a Bonanza!

This is a off plan flight, I’m saving the Mt.Everest special flight for Sunday.
If you have a transit issue then maybe grab a 747 from Kathmandu to Tokyo then onto Vancouver and a local flight then to the lakes =)

I think he was referring to the purpose of your description:

Wow I’m so dumb =) ok corrected, thanks for the heads up both of you
I was a bit tired after spending 3 hours planning the Everest flight

Hi Foot!! Hey, I just tried to fly the first leg and the Beechcraft Bonanza iced up. Only deicing is for the prop. Tried flying lower and slower. Temp was 32 degrees F. Icing still stayed there even after landing.

Maybe take another plane with deicing capability? Looking forward to another fine trip with you!!

Thanks for the heads up, I test flew parts of it earlier and didn’t have and icing but I’ve decided that the g36 is unsuited to the landing strips we’re going to come in on, so I’m planning on changing it to a 172

Thanks Foot for organizing!

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Hi, I’d like to share some screenshoots I could take before my PC freezed and I had to restart it.

(I don’t know how to get usernames on top to be shown, sorry)

Thanks for this event


Event Photos