150Gb Update?

I have been away on holiday for 5 days, Sunday 9th everything OK flight from EGPH to EGSS.

Returned this morning, switched on PC, No shortcut on Task Bar, open MSFS from Windows Apps.

I now have a 250Gb Update downloading, where has this come from?

Were you part of the SU7 Public Beta?

Check if InstalledPackagesPath in UserCfg.opt is still pointing to your Community-folder. I had the same issue a few days ago, and that path was reset to default. I changed it back, and the update disappeared.

Also had the same “problem” was also thinking about this happening because of being member of beta members.

So this is common ?

There was notice given immediately after the New Year that the Public Beta was ending and participants should exit soonest. Yesterday was the cutoff date, and Gaming Services and/or Steam (depending on where you got the sim) would automatically remove remaining participants and be required to push down the current production version


Thanks for the explanation.

Same problem here. When I exited the BETA, something actually DELETED the sim from my system. Needed to download the entire thing including marketplace purchases again.

It’s possible that the UserCfg.opt is pointing to the incorrect directory path. Beta users were informed prior to joining that the best possible outcome would be to have the sim installed to custom directories, not the default. This would maximize the possibility of not having to redownload the whole sim upon exiting. Not a guarantee, but we had very few reports of this not working. For the most part, users had to download 500 MB through their stores and the 500KB AIRAC file upon firing up the sim after exiting the Beta.

Thanks very much for the explanation.

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