16 days and still no feedback from the team regarding my bug report

Hi ASOBO and Microsoft,

I hope all is well and appreciate you are busy fixing stuff. I wanted to highlight my disappointment that my bugs have gone unanswered and even not even acknowledged. My first bug is 16 days old and still waiting for an answer. Please please can you help.

Kind regards
Duncan Odgers (Funkyaz77)

To my knowledge, bugs reported on Zendesk do not get answered by the team. They simply use zendesk as a way for users to report bugs, they then use different internal bug tracking for their team. I think sometimes the bugs get “acknowledged” in some form, but you won’t get any sort of answer from them, they gets thousands of bug reports. Your best hope for an answer would be from someone on this forum if their is a fix/workaround available, or if there are a lot of reports for your bug it might make it onto one of the community updates as a known issue they are working on.


Wait a second.

Do you expect developers to answer or acknowledge your bug reports?

1: That’s not how it works.
2: You “disappoint” easily and seem a tad self-centered.
3: That’s not how it works.


you should have gotten an autonomous email acknowledging your zendesk submission is in the system sent to the email associated with your account here on the forums.

yes, as said above, they get thousands to tens of thousands of zendesk submissions a week.

a system is in play that sorts them based on tags and information provided, then a internal team sorts them into prioitization categories.

your single submission is no different than mine ( or the last 32 ive sent in of all valid errors, bugs and feedback on various aspects ) and i do not request a direct response.

Different companies handle things differently, perhaps thinking of that, next time :wink:

“October Update: No bug fixes this month as we spent all our resources individually acknowledging all the bug reports and sending out gift baskets.”


i could see that occurring :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just as well im not a noob, some of you are quite rude and would of put me off. Thanks for taking the time to respond

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Thanks for the reply, totally understood

Don’t expect much. I got responses to two issues reported and both basically sent me to this forum.

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Asobo doesn’t care about Zendesk at all. In the alpha phase I posted 9 bug reports at Zendesk. All are now marked as done. Even so, all errors are still in the simulator. So whoever writes something at Zendesk makes a monkey of himself.

I think too the Zendesk is not for individual personal troubleshooting help. I think it is used just to collate prominent issues and track it on the back end.

My Zendesk ticket was replied/responded to when they have a solution to it. YMMV

And mine was about installation