[16] Ongoing performance optimization work

My performance is back. Hey! Look at that, my system is not imbalanced anymore!


Lol, I guess that means I have to retune … and no doubt I’ll lose performance just like after every hotfix. :woozy_face:

Your system is imbalanced :wink:

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Welp, don’t get too excited, just simulated a long flight by using slew, 3/4 of the way Boston to NY went back to live, VFR map crushed the sim and popping it out CTD.

Don’t forget to clear your cache chaps and chapesses.

For me initial results for this update are good, virtually no loss in performance and that’s even before recalibrating my settings.

DX11 or DX12?

11 … I don’t have time to test further right now

Done some testing over KLAX using DX12 … What a disaster! :scream_cat:
I’ve also believe I may have dropped a little performance in DX11 but nothing I can’t live with. In my previous KLAX test live weather had very clear skies but this time I’ve had to use the clear preset so I cannot be certain.

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Is it fixed as stated
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ X] Partial

Had my first flight-related CTD since 10 beta first started. Flying from PANC to KORD in 787, the game CTD literally feet from touchdown in one of the more frustrating experiences I’ve had. The game started stuttering on approach but I thought it would power through. Unfortunately the lower/closer I got to the runway the more the performance struggled. There were no issues whatsoever on the flight prior to the approach. Prior to that I’ve not really had any major issues with the the beta (occasional frame rate drop). I’m playing on the Series X.