165d 10h 39m total time played

165d 10h 39m…I really enjoy flying, but is this excessive for MSFS

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Thats time running, not time flying.

That counts the hours MSFS was running, the logbook counts the hours you’re in the air.

I’m not familiar with the screencap. Where does it come from please?

That’s from the XBOX (MS Store).

I see you are on steam, just launch the Steam App, and Select Library, then select Microsoft Flight Simulator and it will give you your hours.

Again, that’s how long the .exe has been running, not you’re actual flying time (which in my experience is roughly half).

4,169 hours = 192 days, but my actual logbook as 2,332 = 97 days flying time. (and have never lost any entries).

Hm, given that MSFS is out for some 4 years now, you seem to have spent some 11% of your living time in these years playing MSFS, right? Or about 2.7 hours each day. To me, it looks really a bit excessive. Do you have some physical workout as compensation for sitting around? In the end, it’s a hobby, isn’t it?

I’m not gonna lie, for me MSFS is very addictive even playing on series x. Health wise for my age is probably average. I admit that sometimes I blow off work and other activities just so I can have more time to fly. I have over $700 invested in add-ons but have completely stopped purchasing from MS because each world update is a roll of the dice on Xbox. Honestly my most favorite game of all time

I’ve probably lost close to 500-600 hrs when the logbook reset a few years ago so I’m not sure if that’s included in these numbers

It is.

As I stated this is total runtime not flight and is not affected by log book hour loss.