[168] NanoVG is now the default rendering method

Is it fixed as stated?
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Original backup instruments fe. on Kodiak are now working without a massive cpu hit.

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Is this fixed as stated?
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Is this for the sim at large, or just dev? I thought I saw this as the default in SU9 but clearly have frame rate differences between NanoVG on dev mode and leaving dev mode (and exiting dev mode resets my gauges like toggling NanoVG in su9)?

It looks to be the default mode now, no need to fiddle around and seems to work just out of the box without issues, at least here.

Is this fixed as stated?
[X] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] Partial

Can someone explain what this is?

It’s a rendering library made for OpenGL, which Fs2020 now uses to display instruments made in XML. This used to be done in GDI which was a massive hog on cpu. A more efficient way to make up gauges in cockpit plainly.


Depending on the cockpit and gauges, it can make a big difference in performance. For instance, the PMDG DC-6 profits a lot from this rendering method, it can improve the framerate by 30-50%.

It was previously located in the Dev mode menu, and many DC-6 users turned it on from there. Now that you don’t need dev mode anymore to use it, the flights get logged properly (which isn’t the case while in dev mode).

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FYI. …just got the new beta update… took 7 ctd’s to get it open. Nanovg mode…if its on, the multi window caused the game to CTD. Off the rendering windows work…ah the joys of running beta!

Two issues with NanoVG

(1) Its ON/OFF state cannot be saved between MSFS reloads

(2) It causes background lightness flickering, when (some ?) LCD display are altered in brightness

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So this is the cause of the flickering i saw using DX12 ??

My Bad – I was not specif enough . Dx11 or Dx12.

I have the background flickering in DX11, when NanVG is ON.

I need to try DX12 …

Luckily (for me), both DX11 & X12 seem to work fine on my modest gaming laptop, – I just stuck with DX11 ( If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — type of thing)

When you say the background is flickering, you mean the displays are flickering or the whole screen flickers ? like white flashes ?

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a smart plan in general, but not really what a beta test is about. DX12 has been far better for me for a few releases, but I’d not have known without trying it.

I do not like to give incomplete answers, so I fired up MSFS to re-test.

The Flickering is the background intensity, which is dark, flickering to a lighter color when the Digit Brightness is changed with a potentiometer.

(1) Effect is the same in BOTH DX11 & DX12
(2) Flickers with NanoVG ON, no flicker with NanoVG OFF

So Its 100% a NanoVG “ON” effect …

The effect is defiantly Noticeable, but not Game Breaking - its not as if one is constantly altering the Instrument lighting,

It was doing this BEFORE SU10

I’m getting screen flashes with, Win 11, DX12.

Is this due to the NanoVG?

Most Likely !!!
Try turning it OFF and see if the Flashes go away ?