16gb vs 32gb solved


My specs on launch day: I7 8700K 4.8Ghz, RTX 2080, M.2 SSD and 16gb ram.

Launching into JFK Airport New York would take an eternity and i was getting a few frames launching into the airport which is unplayable and constant freezing and stuttering.

My ram usage was around 15.5gb at ultra 1440p. I upgraded yesterday to 32gb ram and it fixed all my loading and stuttering issues. My fps before might have been around 20fps average with constant stuttering but now I get 35-45fps in new york with 1 or 2 stutters every 20 minutes which is a huge improvement.

My ram usage now goes between 17gb-27gb depending on the city. So I can say 32gb at ultra settings is a must.


I just upgraded to 32gb and it made no difference at all. Sim still runs like ■■■■.


I just tried 32GB up from 16GB. Made no noticeable or measurable difference for me. Developer mode shows <16GB in use by game.

System: i7 4970K 4.2Ghz, RTX 2080S, SATA SSD and 16gb RAM.
Game: 4K at 70% scale, Dropping Terrain detail to 70% helps main thread limiting a bit.

FPS over New York starting at Empire State Building 35-45 FPS. Can drop lower when flying low while scenery loads. Dev mode shows CPU main thread bound most of the time, flicker of GPU occasionally.

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