16th Core max utilization?

So I am using MFS agaib after some time away with P3D to get ready for the PMDG 737 but have recently run into a curious observation. Most people are identifying their first core being max utilized but Im finding my last core is. I have a i9-9900KF and it clearly is the limitation on my rig. I am at 95% utilization 99% of the time and I dont understand how it is being hammered this hard while my cores from 10-15 are being hardly used.

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It really doesn’t matter unless you are hitting 100%.

Your CPU Main Thread is a combination of tasks across all cores, and your in game performance will be impacted well before any one CPU is maxed out.

That said, SU9 does seem to spread the work across cores a bit more evenly for many.

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I don’t recall ever seeing my first core/thread max utilized, but it is the most utilized. I would guess it’s Windows choosing the best core rather than the developers hard-coding it, but I haven’t really looked into that.