182T from carenado. -- G1000 Modifications?

Per subject, anyone know if the G1000 can be modified?

Its lacking ALOT, not sure if we can edit it or not.

It’s probably using the stock G1000 set. Do you have the Working Title Garmin mods?

Yes, to be more specific, the engine monitoring pages / adjustments to the displays are what I am interested in.

Example would be the Lean Pages for the G36 etc. Working Title mod is installed, panel diming works. Track up/north up works.

Probably can dig deeper… have to play with it.

Oh, been there, done that. :slight_smile:


Cool! Thanks!. I’ll try it out later. Is there an offical repositry for this?

Regarding this comment in your XML:
“TIT weird numbers coming from sim vars EGT & TIT; have to x1.41”

If the max EGT is set incorrectly in the engine.cfg, this will happen.

You might be right ; I chose to work with the values I had, I did not want to enter the rabbit hole of trying to debug Carenado code. :wink:

Question is there a key bind for VNV or Vnav.

There is a request to allow for key bindings to the G1000 in general, as most of the functions can not be bound, I belive this was in that list. (Can’t find it currently)

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Ok thankyou for the info