18th August 2021

Almost one year further, the community is torn apart, graphical fidelity has been downgraded over time and time again. Most features are broken or incorrect operating such as the pushback as example. CTD is still a thing. Our beloved old tooltips are gone, instead we have now new cockpit interactions blooming highlights info killing the immersion and wondering if it will comeback someday. Mouse behaviour is bugged. And don’t forget that white dot.

Sim Update 5 should,ve been the 5TH of Beethoven.
But instead we are even beyond where we started last year. The FPS boost is excellent. The new next gen terrain and water splash effects are sublieme. For the Xbox players here, dont get me wrong, it does looks good on the consoles. But it was not like this before.
Its all downgraded to make it possible for the Series S.

• Blackshark AI

AI Buildings looks flat, colors are washed out, the lightning is poor with less contrast. Blackshark AI buildings never have looked so bad like this. And everything is set to Ultra and 200 LOD, all MAX out.

This was before SU5. I am not the only one who spend alot for their hard working money for their new hardware for just this SIM. I even had to ask my little brother to help me financial. At the end all for nothing.

At the end of the day i rather spend another 1K or 2K to a new hardware than getting downgraded like this. The PC community wish for the 18th of August the anniversary of this SIM is a roll back to SU4 or enhance the graphics and the light contrast like it was before. Also the cockpit please. It looks like cheap plastic.

More before SU5 screenshots

Before SU5.

This was taken back in 2020 few weeks after the release date, on a laptop GTX 1060 high and medium on 1080p. Looking at this brings pain.