19th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) Bhutan -> India - Extra 330LT

19th Nov 2020 - 19:30 (UTC+0) Bhutan - India - Extra 330LT
World Tour Part 21 - Bhutan -> India

WT-21.PLN (3.8 KB)

Server Stuff:
Comms: Community Event - Bhutan to India (https://discord.com/invite/msfs)
Server: West Europe
Settings: All Players, Live Traffic, Live Weather (GameTime 07:00 UTC)
Aircraft: Extra 330LT
Duration: 2:30 (Start 19:30z UTC+0)
Purpose: Flying around the world in light aircraft, flying in the lowlands near the Himalayas.
Group: All welcome, be sensible I enjoy flying not being silly in F16s

Pictures from previous leg:

New Comms channel - Community Event - Bhutan to India

Sry: beginner question: What is going on the discord server? what do i have to do to tune in, after clicking the link??

I was a beginner a few days ago too. I downloaded the discord app, after clicking the link that took me to the lobby. There was a message like “Accept this terms and you can join” - I did that et voilá, all the channels were there.

The discord server is used for talking to each other with a mic and headset
It allows us to coordinate and talk about the flight and interesting things about what we are flying past.

Thanks as always Foot, that was a lot of fun :slight_smile: