1st hour relase load bug

@stevewratten indeed! Though we are really lucky to be having such a great product and living in these amazing times where we can enjoy these luxuries, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, did it work for you with my tip above? Curious!

1 & 2. Not sure what you mean, as the default install location was not appdata for me. Regardless, I am able to pick any folder of my choosing. If there’s so much behind the curtain explaining why its so terrible to install it in appdata, why don’t you do a little problem solving and do 3-4 clicks to solve the issue.

@SN0WY33 if I’m correct about what @stevewratten is talking about, it’s the same issue I had which occurs before MSFS launches the download window. It’s the full screen TBM image screen with the blue progress bar that isn’t supposed to take long, but gets stuck (likely due to invisible firewall block). See my other post here about it.

If that’s the case, then he’s talking about the 1GB launcher that gets installed to your WindowsApps. That is much different than the 90GB download that follows, which can be assigned to any directory you want.

@SN0WY33 Right, but to a new user they don’t know about the other 90gb launcher that runs in windows mode therafter because they’re stuck on the TBM launcher page with the blue progress bar at the bottom that can, in some situations, remain stuck forever (due to firewall issues, it seems).

This is what I am referring to, from @stevewratten original post:

sits on main splash screen with loading bar down the bottom.

fixed it an hour back - mentioned it in an above post - i uninstalled what it installed from steam, then reinstalled it

4 hours left on the download…

Also understood, but then he wrote “91GB to be installed into the users profile account WTF?” so he certainly got past the blue loading bar. That’s what I’ve been referring to :slight_smile:

Mate your just making stuff up. the install path for the 91GB was

C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages

I’m not going to teach you how to be a Microsoft Windows Administrator, instead of banging on saying “i dont understand”… google up “Windows User Profiles” for a wealth of information how it works.

its probably not something your going to understand if you dont work in IT as a job. but its really stupid installing 100GB of game into appdata

The install path for the 91GB might have defaulted to C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages

But I’d be very concerned if you work in IT and completely missed the option to change that path during setup, like I, and every single person I’ve helped with the install, have done.

Let me emphasize… you do not need to install 100GB of anything into appdata.

Also, saying “It’s probably not something your going to understand if you dont work in IT as a job” is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

I’m not making anything up. I went through the install process for this sim, multiple times, over the last 6 months. I just went through the install process, about an hour ago, and was able to change the default file path for the 91GB download to my folder of choice. Is something getting lost in translation here?

At least this monkey can use the correct form of “you’re”.

Can you answer this simple question? Are you saying you are 100% not allowed to install the 90GB download into Program Files?

Yes I heard of a .exe missing on the initial Steam package. Tough day for the dev team I’m sure, but these types of slip-ups happen no matter how organized, diligent, and brilliant a dev team is. Must have been a hell of a day/night for them. Overall, really well handled and communicated, Asobo!

Where should you install it? I cant even find where it installed it. Lol its not in the path that was described above. I’m reseting it now and going to download for the 3rd time but where should i put it? Lets be clear I am NOT a windows admin :wink: I’ve been trying to fix this since yesterday morning.

I already answered this question why you cant twice with examples and you got my post deleted both time

why ask for answers if being wrong upsets you so much?

You have no answered my question. Can you install the 90GB in a location outside of appdata. Yes or no.

Not me flagging your posts by the way.

if you save it in another location, does it resolve the two issues I raised, yes or no?

Yes… it does.

I am not. I can install it to any directory I want, in any drive. Want me to show you?

I am now convinced that you missed this step during setup. It’s quite obvious.

I had an error that stopped my download but not sure it’s related for Steam users.

In my Microsoft Account Dashboard. It had several old computers still listed as active and connected to the X-Box account or other. After deleting the old computers from my profile and after restarting, it continued.
Not sure how or why I just know it fixed it. Account validation stuff?

Seems like it can be a lot of weird things.

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