2 Aircraft and Marketplace Greyed Out

After continoues CTD’s leading up to and now worse than before the update, i decided yet again to reinstall win 10, and downloaded and installed the full game once again.

Only now to discover , despite purchasing the Premium deluxe version at launch (mug) i only have two aircraft, and the Market place greyed out. Non of the payware i purchased is available, infact in the content manager it just keeps doing that annoying spinning thing!

The game, then reports i have no internet connection, yet i do… seriously thinking of just giving up with this ■■■■.

just bad timing, for the first time (in my experience at least) there seems to be something going wrong at the server side.

But yes, once connectivity is back, you can download the extra planes etc. from the Content manager.


Turn on INTERNET data … in MSFS so that your Content Manager can connect and see what else you own .

( I had the same issue of only seeing the 2 “basic-default” planes)

Just played, there are problems with connenction to servers.


Please see the known issues page which addresses your issues.

- Known Issues - (Last modified: 11/24/2020) - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Same issue internet going in and out.


It’s becoming sadly rather predictable.


Servers down. It happens


@Angernerve there must be some kind of server side issue. Many reports of Internet connection loss and marketplace unavailable. Worth getting a message out if possible?

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Nothing I can do about that - could be higher demand due to the holidays.

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It’s on, but thanks… i have re installed quite a few times so know whats involved. Never seen this issue before though.

Thanks for the heads up guys, just getting frustrated with it all .

That is pretty well non-sensible, SLA should be 100% at all times, no excuse ever for server being down, working in IT for 22 years, believe me if our servers ever went down we would not hear the end of it from leadership. This is more than just server down.

I had a CTD today with the piece of **** (there I will blank it out myself, trying to stay civil), this SIM on the store has a 2.6 out of 5 rating.

Looks ain’t no good if it don’t fly. An airport I was at this morning looked like clay blocks all around pitiful.

Now after my CTD I am stuck at “ERROR - Access to the content servers is currently unavailable. Please ensure you have an active internet connection, and try again later. Please visit https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com for additional information.” and they have squat there for information

Tried uninstall / re-install and that is where I am at.

Again, not reason for too many people, server should be down, etc. People paid good money for this **** it should work 100% of the time.

Everyone having issues with that right now your not alone


again with the price paid for this nobody should be having issues right now.

Servers go down. The question is how long it takes you to recover them. If you ever promised that would never happen then you are on a hiding to nothing.

Servers today are remotely managed, we don’t even have an onsite server admin DRAC works just fine.

and again with as much was paid for this there should have been 500 servers available, not just one or two or etc.

Me too, servers disconnection during flights

and I’m sure Microsoft can afford many more than that.