2 community files?

Having deleted and reinstalled MSFS onto a new SSD, I’ve discovered when loading up my add on that I’ve got 2 community files! Go figure!
The first exists in the first flight sim file E:/ flight sim/community and the second is the one I’d normally use, E:/…local cache/packages/community!

The odd thing is that they both appear to work! I’ve got A32N FBW in the traditional one and my scenery and other stuff in the first one as described.

Everything appears to work OK. I’ve also noticed that it still loaded files into my C: drive under the tradition default settings. Is that right?

Can’t answer until you state whether you are Steam or MS Store.

I have the same problem and mine is MS.

The initial 1.06 GB of files are stored on the C:\ (boot) drive.
They can never be moved from C:\ (boot) drive if you want FS2020 to run.

The additional 170 GB of files can be installed on the C:\ (boot) drive as default or to any other drive you specify to the MS Store download program.

I stored mine (FS2020) (additional 170 GB) to my:
D:\FS2020\ drive and folder.

I have multiple Community folders.
It doesn’t matter.

What matters is the Community folder that is specified in the bottom of your UserCFG.opt file.

That is where you want to put your Mods.
No where else.

I have a C:\users\your id\AppData\Local\Packages\MSFlightSimulator\ folder
I have a D:\FS2020\ folder
I have a D:\WpSystem\ folder.

This is all okay and per the MS Store download program.

Don’t mess with it and you will bw okay.

Only use Settings, Apps, MS Flight Simulator to uninstall or move
FS2020. If you uninstall, re-install via MS Store.

That is all you need to do.