2 GPUS 2 Screens and no Fps gain?

Hola Mfs community. im once again asking for help.

i bought myself a gt 710 for my second screen in hope my main gpu is faster when it only needs to fire up 1 screen. i setted up everything new driver install and tuned the Video Decoding to my 710 to watch youtube and twitch over my 710

so i found out yes perhabs it gets its befits from it but now i have on my 1070 in 4k from medium to low 40% usage instead of 100% and i have no fps gain and idk hot to get it back to 100% usage only for the mfs 2020. usually i have 24 to 26 fps at the airports and i have capped the fps to 31 and my fps didnt got faster or more so there should be another barrier

how can i get the usage/ more performance back ?

edit im playing fs only on one screen

Not sure about your specific system.

But this video helped me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKVhyOZaUcU&t=499s

my detailed system specs are

R5 2600X
gtx 1070
GT 710
32gb ram
game is on ssd and windows on another

ik know the video but playing with settings didnt helped at the usage problem its still at 40% and on high preset i get the same fps i had before the gt 710

je ne pense pas que mètre deux cartes vidéo différentes soit la bonne solution. j’ai lu quelque part que le système, prend en compte la config la plus basse. il vaut mieux installer deux cartes identiques en sli. La le système est optimisé au max. Salut JM

kiitos, mutta silloinkin peli ei tue SLI: tä

the game actually dont support sli

Why would you expect more fps if your still only using the 1070 for MSFS.
having added a second gpu is the 1070 still using Pcie x16 or has it been reduced to x8.

Also now you have a second gpu it is probably using up CPU resources.