20:00z weather advancement bug - FIXED

Yep. I would assume they are updated within the weather model cycles, and that would be 1 hour, whereas irl METAR reports are updated twice every hour (and not on the hour, here in Germany it is 20/50 minutes past the full hour). So I would naturally expect some differences, but you would encounter those irl also, so nothing I would urge to be corrected.

As information from official side are scarce (to say the least), there’s still the presumption that time zones may play a role in these issues. Still trying to help identifying the cause, here’s my observation from today:
I flew to EDDH and was on downwind to Rwy23 at around 1530Z today. Here’s what the cloud situation looked like. As downwind heading is approx. 50 degrees, the screenshot shows the clouds to the north-northwest.

On the opposite side (right side in flight direction) there was a scattered cloud coverage with a lot of sun.
Now here’s the rain radar from meteoblue at approx. 1530Z:

I have drawn the aircraft (yes, I know ! :rofl:) for better orientation.

Here are my thoughts:
I believe the clouds seen in the screenshot belong to the rain area seen on the Meteoblue waether radar. And here’s the deal: In real life and according to the Meteoblue weather radar those conditions are to be expected at least 1 hour later at EDDH. My guess is the weather model injection is configured for my time zone as being UTC +1h, whereas my computer is set to UTC +2h, as we currently have daylight savings time. That would explain the difference in weather depiction and would be a hint that timezones are involved, if not a cause for the issue.
Just a thought - but I’m going to add this to my Zendesk report. (and hope I didn’t make a logical error - those timezones are confusing for sure)

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Useful insight, thanks for sharing this info with us, I’m sure it will go towards helping to pinpoint the issue with live weather.

There is far more fact than opinion to that comment.
I too have put games/sims aside for months if not over a year in hopes of returning to find many things fixed.

Unfortunately it would appear the developers behind MSFS love to use the word “improved” a lot and provide no insight on the changes made in their patch notes.
Many things labeled “improved” in patch notes had negative feedback and the improvement was blamed for making something worse or creating a bug after installing the update.

I would not be surprised if the same LIVE Weather issues are still present 6-12 months from now, with only a few mentions of “Improved LIVE Weather” in patch notes leading up to then.

If that’s the case, I wonder why the live weather system would need any input whatsoever about an end user’s system time.

I would think the system would provide the weather for the correct forecast hour using Zulu time within their own servers, which is the same for everyone no matter whether they’re in Daylight savings or not.

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I may use this workaround myself…

Shared by Flight Simulator Blog on IG

Although the latest Sim Update fixed the Live Weather, there is still a daily bug when flying at a time range between 20-08 UTC. The in-sim Live Weather uses clouds and precipitation data from the Meteoblue weather forecast model at that time range instead of the current weather situation. This is the reason if you have experienced “wrong weather”. Wind, temperature, and pressure at the airports seem to be correct though because they are injected from METAR. The workaround for this is to use the free Live METAR add-on when flying at 20-08 UTC until Asobo fixes this.


Weather, including new cloud types and historical weather, was discussed during today’s Q&A session but the team completely avoided anything related to Real Weather not synching properly despite numerous comments on that subject posted during the session.

Actually they said something. It wasn’t much, but they are aware of the issue and are working on the solution. So at least they know what’s happening.

Also @anon62478633, that looks like a good workaround while Asobo is working on the solution. Using Unreal Weather for takeoff and landings and then switching to live weather for correct winds and temperatures aloft. I’ll definitely try that.

Well it’s 20:22z as a I type this, for me now the weather in-sim is still spot on… usually it would have switched

Anyone else able to test?


Yeah, it seems to be bang on right now, I’ve just tested it on three different airports with different weather conditions. Even the world map doesn’t show future weather loaded.


Could it be fixed!!!


Don’t jinx it man! But yeah, I wanted to go to sleep but now I’m so excited it might finally work.

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I’ve been watching this lol :popcorn:


I’ve just flown KEUG - KORS and weather was spot on all the way

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I’m scared to restart my sim hahaha

Would you look at that! This is like the most accurate representation I’ve seen in the sim.
Comparing in game sky with a camera atop the TWR at my airport. High level clouds ahead of an occlusion front that’s just now passing through the Czech Republic.


Wow!! Honestly when the weather works as intended in this sim it is truly fantastic


Indeed. It even has the clouds properly illuminated by the scattered light from the nearby town. I love it when the sim is spot on.
But now I’m scared to restart it as well, lol.


Me too, just sat admiring the view at KORS lol


Second test flight now KORS - KCEC