20 minutes to load home screen!

Having same issue so thought I’d test the above theories.

24gb of scenery mods installed the game takes just over 5 minutes to get through the initial splash screens and onto the “Press any key to start” screen.

With no mods installed it takes just over 30 seconds to get to the same position.


MInes quite a low spec but yesterday (Sunday) was slow from first clicking the icon to start, on SSD with no add ons, normal startup is round 3mins 10 secs.

23GB (170 folders/add-ons) in my Community folder (on an SSD, i5-9600K). I was coming here to see if 3-5 minutes was slow to get to the ‘Copyright Microsoft…’ with another 1 minute to get to the 'Press Any Key - probably not?

Last night I had an excessively long load time returning to the main menu after a flight. Never had an issue like that before.

Try cleaning all caches including deleting/re-initiating swap drive and re-boot before running.
Don’t know your system specs but that does seem like a long time.

Sounds like a good solution!!
How can I clean all the caches including deleting/re-initiating swap drive ?

To start with the swap drive google Windows 10 swap drive. You’ll find plenty of how to’s. Just delete it and re-initialize it. Easy job.
For cache just go through the settings. There a re a couple of locations that have it.

Thank you :innocent:

I’m up at 153 GB of scenery/addons and it takes 1 hr. I go and have a workout every time I start up MSFS…This is crazy. And scary. My P3dv4.5 has several sceneries drives that on average contain 450GB of addons…And takes nowhere close to these startup times. I hope Asobo is working on this. I’ll hate to think they will have to download to a separate drive and then manually move the scenery into the community folder when required…

I was telling some friends the other day that SubLogic Fligt sim took 30 minutes to load from C64 tape…

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Is MSFS installed on the same drive as P3D?

correction 153 GB on a 4TB Drive…and no, P3d is on a separate drive

Then check the performance of your drive (the one with MSFS). Would also be a good idea to run chkdsk /f /r /x on that drive and, if it’s a HDD, to defragment it.

The truth of the matter is that the community is extremely active and creates a lot more freeware addons compared to other sims, also due to the fact that ripping google map photogrammetry data has made creating addons much more accessible for people who have no 3D modeling skills.

The size of the folder is not where the issue is. The issue is that there’s a metric ton of files the sim has to sift through. Google photogrammetry data is especially heavy in the number of files it generates.

If I kept all the freeware addons I have downloaded in the community folder, the sim would have to sift through 1.736 MILLION files in 12,652 folders before launch. I’m not sure how much that process can be sped up on the sim’s side.

That being said, there is a solution albeit a bit laborious.

Download your freeware addons in a completely separate folder and put them in several subfolders, one per nation. Also, rename the folder of each addon with a “COUNTRYNAME_” at the beginning, for instance I have “JAPAN_nagoya.” Addons will work regardless of what you name their main folder.

Before each flight (and before you start up the sim), copy only the content of the national folders of the countries you’re flying over in the Community folder. Then, after the flight, remove all the folders with that nation’s name, keeping it clean.

It helps a lot in keeping the startup quick and your addon downloads organized in a semi-sane way.


I like your thinking and will adopt that strategy. On the happier side of things, I did some poking around and removed 34GB of scenery. During that exercise, I discover an IVAO folder that was installed containing aircraft models and paints. Now, why is that significant, well, that folder caused the same behavior with starting up p3d. I remove it and what do ya believe, P3d started 2/3 faster…And the same was discovered here with MSFS. Now the sim loads in 20 mins with 110 GB of scenery installed. That I can live with…

Or you can use Peeyem to do it for you more efficiently.

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The long load check times are not nice with two NVME drives and fully optimized hardware/system !

BIOS BUS set up right and give full power over all lanes. I get over 3GB/sec R/W.

Indexing/ Defrag/ FW/ AV/ Defender/ Shadow Copies/ Backups are disabled.

At my end It doesn’t matter if page/swap is engaged regarding load times. 32GB RAM.

I have around 70GB Add-ons / R-Cache is set to 100GB/ P-Cache is set to 200GB in the UI.

Took about 4-5 Minutes for ~180GB to check/load.
That looks fast but it should be done in half the time.

Another point is if the files are checked one’s startup or 2-4 ? Online check ?

Clarification/Communication about the hole startup procedure will be very welcome !

I had a similar issue where it seemed like it took longer and longer to start up. I dumped the livery megapack and I went from like 10+ minutes on my SSD startup to ~1 minute. Pretty sure MSFS front loads all of the planes/liveries so it can instantly load them in menus, so if you have a bunch of them installed (like the 600+ megapack) it can take a LONG time to load up. I don’t believe that scenery loads until you actually get near it so it shouldn’t affect loading times unless you have like 75 scenery packs loaded for some area you decide to fly out of.

Just what I’ve found so far.

LIVE and LEARN!!!..
I say this with overwhelming gratitude to the community for their incredible commitment and dedication.
1 min…That’s how fast it now loads to the intro screen now that I have incorporated Peeyem process.
Now to be clear, 1 min to load and within 3 mins I’m selecting my flight. In addition, I must state that the community folder predominantly contains payware add-ons and community aircraft (of all file sizes and up to but not limited to 3GB) which I did not move to “Package Warehouse”. I’m extremely grateful.
The statement was made much earlier on here and perhaps elsewhere in the forum(s) that optimization is key. And whilst there are some very clever and incredible works by some including novice, overly stunning works may inextricably become a detriment to running the sim.

So going forward, I will be far more cautious and Peeyem, at the moment, is the vehicle that affords me to do that…
Thanks again to all.
Wow…less than 3 mins from a 1-hr to load…that is huge…
Community folder - 100 GB
Package warehouse Folder - 39 GB (all of which are currently turned off)